Chicken Arms, Chicken Dinosaur Arms, Chicken T-Rex Arms
Chicken Arms, Chicken Dinosaur Arms, Chicken T-Rex Arms
Chicken Arms

Do you cherish chickens? Hell yes you do, or you could never have wound up here into this dark opening, diving into the humorous universe of chicken embellishments! Transform your minuscule raptors into real fearsome dinosaurs!

 This posting is for one sets of 3d printed dinosaur (t-rex) arms for a chicken to wear over their shoulders. These are printed with PLA fiber. It is strong however it is simply plastic, so maneuver carefully. To put the arms on a chicken, essentially lift a segment of neck quills and slide the arms onto the rear of the neck. There is compelling reason need to twist the arms by any means. To eliminate simply slide them ease off. See video interface above.


*Little: Tried on small Silkies and D'Uccles! This size has additionally been accounted for to fit call ducks!

 *Standard: Think standard hens like Rhode Island Reds, Wyandottes, and Ameraucanas! Additionally displayed to fit enormous ducks like Pekins.

 *Huge: Standard chickens. This size has additionally been accounted for to fit female turkeys!

 Restorative Deformity matches are limited to move! These arms have surrenders that wouldn't be promptly noticeable in a photo when worn by a chicken. You are free to message me for photos of the restorative deformity matches I have accessible!

 Kindly note that not all fowl will like wearing anything. Use tact while picking which pet to wear these, as not all birds will endure them.


These are intended to be worn for brief timeframes on Directed chickens just as a photograph prop or only for chuckles! Kindly don't make a chicken wear these who doesn't appear to mind doing as such.

A few clients survey:

Christine Rego

I put the huge estimated one on my ducks. It's entertaining! She wasn't excessively excited yet it fit my huge Pekin impeccably and the web became hopelessly enamored with it haha. Assuming you're hoping to light up your day, I energetically suggest purchasing this.



Got this for a companion since I was passing on from giggling and it didn't dishearten!! The little t-rex arms came quick and were astounding quality!! Genuinely SO entertaining and worth the effort. Purchase now fellows.


So decent, and such a delight to purchase from. Will attempt to incorporate an image of them wearing them for the following survey. Funny! One of our chickens would just run in reverse - it was beyond value. Much obliged to you for the additional treats in the request!

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