6 Resume Mistakes You Must Avoid
6 Resume Mistakes You Must Avoid
Does it matter if you make a mistake on your resume? It does. In fact, the quickest way to get screened out as an applicant is to submit a seriously flawed resume. Think about it: Your resume is one of the main ways hiring managers assess you as a candidate. Typos and grammatical errors can make you look unprofessional and unqualified.

6 Resume Mistakes You Must Avoid

You know how crucial it is to write a fantastic resume when you’re looking for a new job. You only get one chance to make a good first impression on a hiring manager, so you must make it count. 

Even if you are a great candidate, you may be committing resume blunders that cause you to be rejected from a position. Avoid these six resume blunders to ensure you have a top-notch resume that will land you an interview. 

Being Ambiguous 

You’ll need to do more than merely mention your regular tasks to develop a resume that sticks out. Employers want to interview candidates they believe will be successful in the position. They won’t know if you’re qualified if you don’t specify what you’ve done. That’s why it’s critical to create a detailed resume that highlights your unique set of abilities. It will not only provide the hiring manager with a better image of your abilities, but it will also make your CV more memorable

Omitting Your Achievements  

One of the most common resume blunders job candidates make is failing to include their achievements. Sharing your successes, instead of simply telling the hiring manager what your previous tasks were, demonstrates the value you can bring to the organization. Sharing your accomplishments can help you gain credibility with the hiring manager and advance to the next level of the process. 

Passive Tone 

When looking for jobs, how you write your CV could make all the difference. That’s why, throughout your resume, you should employ action verbs rather than the passive tense. For example, instead of stating, “Revenue grew while working on digital marketing,” write “Increased revenue by ten percent through digital campaigns.” Throughout your CV, this will make you appear more authoritative and accomplished. 


Unneeded Information 

Before deciding if you’re a good fit, most hiring managers will merely read over your CV. Remove any obsolete material from your resume that may not be relevant to the post to ensure that they just read the pertinent sections. 

For example, if you’ve been working for ten years, don’t list your undergraduate activities on your resume. This type of material will just take up space that may be better spent demonstrating why you’re a good fit for the job. 

Broad-based Resume 

While writing a broad resume may save you time, you may not be able to land any interviews with it. You don’t have to rewrite your entire resume for each position you apply for. It is, nonetheless, beneficial to tailor your CV to the job description. Take a peek at the positions you’ve applied for to save time. Do they belong to distinct groups? 

If that’s the case, make many resumes that correspond to the various categories of roles you’re interested in to stay organized. 

Skipped Spellchecker 

Most tasks require meticulous attention to detail. If your resume has multiple grammatical and typographical issues, it will be immediately discarded. Take the time to review your resume and double-check that everything is worded and written correctly. This takes only a few minutes and can make a huge impact when applying for jobs. 

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