The Best Intimates to Wear Under Your Formal Wear
The Best Intimates to Wear Under Your Formal Wear
Dressing up in formal wear for an event or party is a fun way to change up our regular ensembles. Just be sure to pair your outfit with the best intimates for your look. Choosing the right kind of innerwear, from a plunging bra to high waist underwear, will help you look and feel your best while you enjoy your night out.

Who doesn’t love to dress up every now and then? Whether it’s for a gala or a fancy night out, formal wear is a fun and exciting alternative to our everyday wardrobe. But sometimes, it can be kind of tricky to find the best intimates for your formal dress between plunging necklines and figure-hugging silhouettes. Ensuring that your intimates flatter and are concealed are the best ways to showcase your formal wear and get the most out of your night out. There is a set of intimates for every dress, from plunging bras to high waist underwear, that will perfectly match and keep you looking your best all night long.

Bras: Plunging Bra vs. Balconette Bra

Wearing a plunging bra is an excellent option for a formal dress with a plunging neckline. This type of bra should hug your silhouette with a light and comfortable material. It should be similar to a bralette in comfort but still provide enough support while showing off a little more skin. The best part about a plunging bra is the versatility, as it can be worn under your evening gown just as well as your everyday T-shirt.

The classic balconette bra is another great option for most formal wear, especially for a boatneck, square, or sweetheart neckline dress. This elegant foundation isn’t just for formal dresses. If you’re looking for a bold fashion piece to display under a fitted blazer or pantsuit, a balconette bra is an excellent option. A balconette bra offers comfort and support so you can put all of your focus on your evening out.

Underwear: Thong vs. High Waist Underwear

The thong is the classic underwear we wear to ensure no panty lines cramp our style. This makes them an excellent option for a night in your party dress as well. However, not all thongs are created equal. You want minimal coverage and maximum comfort while you dance and enjoy your night out.

High waist panties might work better for you if you don’t like the feel of a thong while still avoiding those pesky panty lines. Because of the way high waist underwear sits atop your hips, you prevent any bunching of material that sits directly at your hip line. Look for a curve-hugging fit and seamless fabric to sport under your dress.

Fabrics: Mesh vs. Metallic

When it comes to the fabric of your intimates, what really matters is what makes you happy and is comfortable to wear. Mesh fabric is flexible and provides maximum comfort while looking and feeling smooth on the skin. That said, if you want something sparkly to put an extra skip in your step, a shiny metallic material might be what you’re after. When you’re looking for the perfect intimates to wear under your formal wear, consider matching sets, metallic fabric, and comfortable mesh to help you feel confident in your unique and beautiful body.

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