Simple Tips for Finding the Perfect Bra for You
Simple Tips for Finding the Perfect Bra for You
You may agree that your intimate wear sets the tone for everything you wear. Whether it’s for special occasions or your daily routine, the essential bras in your life should never take the backseat in your wardrobe. What are some things to keep in mind as you shop bra styles that are perfect for you? Comfort, support, premium materials, and many other considerations are up for review.

The intimate wear beneath your gorgeous pant suit or chic dress is probably equally thought-out and beautiful, right? That’s the idea anyway. Your intimate wear sets the tone for the rest of your outfit, in fact. Whether it’s a special night out or you’re going through your daily routine, the essential bras in your life should never take the backseat. So, what are some things to keep in mind as you shop bra styles that help set the tone for the rest of your look? The following bra tips may help.

Life Is About Support: Prioritize Comfort

Above all else, we all want our bras to provide seemingly endless support. But that support shouldn’t come at the cost of comfort. Luxe bras made with thin, flexible underwires are actually quite comfortable. The best bras may feel like you’re not wearing underwire at all. This is what you need in your daily bras. A comfortable demi bra with supportive shaping, smooth lines, and soft cups should be at least one of your everyday workhorses. If any of your daily bras cause even the slightest discomfort, it’s time for them to go.

The Sweet Spot: Balance Quality and Quantity

If you’re like most, the number of bras you own isn’t exactly proportional to how many you wear. If you have seven bras but only wear three of them, something’s amiss. Instead of letting those unworn bras collect dust, you could replace them with high-quality bras you actually love wearing. The sweet spot between quantity and quality will allow you to rotate between bras—and they will last longer as well. Three exceptional-fitting bras are better than seven worn-out or mediocre bras made with flimsy materials. Many women need multiple bra styles in their top drawer, so keep a few on hand for different occasions and moods.

Color Palette: Make Intentional Choices

Neutral tones will always have a place in your collection. They make up the foundation of your wardrobe and blend in seamlessly with everything you wear. It’s also great to get some color therapy into the mix. Different colors can actually impact your mood, as you’ve probably experienced. Reds invoke passion. Pinks stir your softer side. Black commands power. Sometimes you may be drawn to bra colors you’ve never quite seen before. When curating your bra collection, be intentional with your color choices.

Material Girl: Look for Performance Fabrics

Along with the style, color, and comfort features, don’t skip over the materials. Performance fabrics such as sheer power mesh, soft microfiber, satin, and 3D spacer fabric are all excellent choices. When paired with a flexible underwire that doesn’t poke, comfortable straps, and premium hardware, you have winning combinations to work with. Whether you wear a 30D bra or 44E bra, you want your bras to move with you effortlessly as you flow through your daily routine, wherever it may take you.

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