Interpreting Sensuality as a Modern Woman
Interpreting Sensuality as a Modern Woman
Why are bras and underwear classified as sexy or not sexy, and why does sensuality often imply something sexual? As a modern woman, it’s time to take back these words and express your sensuality differently. You should feel comfortable, supported, and empowered when you put on a bra, whether you wear 34B bras or 38G bras. It’s up to you whether they’re sexy or sensual.

Sensuality (n.) – the enjoyment, expression, or pursuit of sensual and physical pleasure

So often, bras and underwear are classified as sexy or not sexy, and even when things are sensual, it can imply a sexual context. Why? Why is it that something defined as the pursuit of feeling good is inherently sexual? In a way, every article of clothing that rests against your skin is sensual. It triggers your senses. That doesn’t mean they’re related to sex. As a modern woman, it’s time to take back these words and express your sensuality through every intimate—all of the bras and underwear you wear on a daily basis—that touches your body.

Through the Intimates Touching Your Body

Many women choose to wear bras and underwear every day. When you put them on, they trigger many of your senses: touch, sight, and maybe even sound. You should feel comfortable, supported, and empowered. That’s the real sensuality of high-quality bras and underwear—the luxury feeling of performance-strength materials and quality design. You don’t want to settle for anything less than this sensual experience with your intimates, and there’s nothing sexual about it.

With a Sense of Self-Worth

There is no reason to settle for less when it comes to bras and underwear, and with this knowledge comes another sense. It’s a sense of self-worth. Your body carries you from one place to another every day, and while it is crucial to support your form with the most current and innovative intimates, you’re not doing it for anyone else. Set some intimate expectations for your bras and underwear. Make sure you find options based on real women’s bodies instead of an outdated sizing scale. And that rings true whether you wear a less common bra size like 32F or a more common size like 34B. Every female form is unique, and you need pieces reflecting that.

Using Models of the Modern Woman

In addition to physical feelings and achievable high expectations, a good sense of sensuality comes from visual cues. These cues do not come from oversexualized magazines on the shelf or by walking past a gaudy shop selling frilly bras and string thongs. Your positive visual cues should come from real-life role models who challenge notions of what women wear. They’ve turned away from conventional bras and underwear and the styling of such. They instead wear their rose-colored 38G bras in a balconette style, letting them peek out from beneath beige trench coats. They are the ultimate permutation of physical and philosophical female goals.

You have power in shaping yourself and words like sensuality, more so than women in previous generations were led to believe. In every intimate you wear against your skin, in every idea that comes into your head, in every moment you spend working your ass off to be a woman in this world—you are redefining sensuality. While there’s nothing inherently wrong with a sexual connotation, it’s your prerogative. It’s up to you whether bras and underwear are sexy or if they’re just a way to express your personal definition of sensuality.

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