How to Find Your Perfect Bra Fit
How to Find Your Perfect Bra Fit
If you want to find a bra that fits your body, first look at the brand and size standards. Do your research and explore modern, innovative designs and silhouettes. They might look different than what you expect, and that’s okay. Taking the time to look at bra sizes, make appointments with bra experts, or take fit quizzes will help you determine if you wear 36F or 38G bras.

Bras are called “intimates” for a reason; they’re literally touching your skin all day long, making them a pretty intimate piece of clothing. They also need to support your form, but should you have to sacrifice comfort in exchange for this support? It’s hard to believe that after years of wearing underwire bras, you might find one that isn’t restrictive in the slightest. Yet, it’s possible. Without all the frills, you are left with a pared-down, luxury silhouette designed to form to your body, even with an underwire. Fit is crucial to form and comfort, so keep these tips in mind to help you find your perfect fit.

Find a Brand You Connect With

If you want to find a bra that fits your body, choose a bra brand based on personal preferences. Break from the mold and seek out modern brands with elevated silhouettes, materials, and features. They might look different than what you expect from a bra, which is better in many cases. If you want a break from old-fashioned bra complaints, it’s time to break from old-fashioned bra brands.

Schedule an Appointment with a Fit Therapist

Seeing a fit therapist or scheduling an online fitting with your brand of choice is ideal. Some bra brands offer this resource to ensure you select a bra that fits your body rather than trying your best to fit the bra. Many women will choose 34B bras because they think it’s their size, but a fit therapist can determine if that’s truly what you should be wearing and where you can find appropriately fitted 34B bras.

Try an Online Fit Quiz

You can typically find online fit quizzes from brands that have thrown out conventional sizes (for good reasons). For example, these quizzes could determine if you would have to wear 34E, 36F, or 38G bras in this brand’s pieces. The crazy thing is that conventional sizes are not designed to accurately fit the female form—they are incrementally sized up from a 34B. That’s why it’s always a good idea to uncover how a brand has changed the narrative around their bras and other intimates.

Give Your New Bra a 30-Minute Chance

You need to give a new bra time to form to your body. It’s crucial for high-quality bras with strong materials because they’re designed to fit your true form and have to adjust. Wear a bra for at least 30 minutes before deciding. If the piece is not a fit, schedule a virtual exchange fitting (if they’re offered) to discuss an alternative size. You might actually need one of those 36F bras.

Compared to buying jeans or a shirt, how a bra fits can make or break your entire experience. It’s best to take the time to look at bra sizes, make appointments with bra experts, or take fit quizzes for a particular luxury brand. If a bra does feel quite right, don’t give up—send it back and order a different size. You’ll be happy you dedicated a small amount of time and effort to something that is a big deal to your body and daily life.

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