Here’s What You Need to Know About Upscale Intimates
Here’s What You Need to Know About Upscale Intimates
All too often, we feel a need to compromise on the fit of our intimates to enjoy the design. However, any intimate, from a black thong to a taupe balconette, should be “luxury” in the sense that they feel elegant, supportive, and comfortable. What else should you know about upscale intimates? Well, there is quite a lot to cover.

There is a distinct difference between investing in an upscale intimate and settling for a conventional bra or bottom. As someone who wears bras, you might feel a need to compromise on fit to enjoy the design and vice versa. However, any intimate, from thongs to balconettes, should be “luxury” in the sense that they feel elegant, supportive, and comfortable. What else should you know about upscale intimates?

Modern Bras Are Unique

Modern intimates feature unique qualities without the excess and frills of “sexy” lingerie. These streamlined pieces focus instead on enhancing the female form with pared-down silhouettes and supportive materials. They stray away from standard sizing and offer you a new experience with intimates.

Finding the Correct Fit Is Essential

Despite standardized sizing systems, bras and underwear are sized differently from one brand to another. If it is your first time selecting a brand with elevated pieces, you need resources to help you find the absolute best fit. Whether it’s a professional fit therapist, a fit quiz, or a comparison element to help determine your size, the best luxury intimates brands want you to find the perfect sizing match.

Say Goodbye to Excess Padding

Even if you wear a larger cup size, like an E, F, G, or H, you can still wear unlined bras. The only stipulation is that the construction is supportive. Modern unlined bras from upscale brands should feature innovative materials and support elements with enough strength to hold your shape. Details like power mesh, strong clasps, and a flexible underwire enable larger cup sizes to wear their 44E, 38G, and 30E bras without issue.

Wearing Quality Intimates Is an Experience

When you slip on a well-designed, supportive intimate, it’s a new experience. It feels a little different than other pieces in your wardrobe. It could be the usual style you go for, like a bikini-style bottom and a plunging bra, or some new-to-you, pared-down, high waist lingerie, and a balconette bra. Whatever you choose, you can feel the care and attention in their design.

There Is No Turning Back

Once you’ve spent time wearing high-quality intimates, there is no going back to settling for less—at least, not comfortably. Occasionally, you might have to wear the bras and underwear you abandoned in favor of luxury designs. Maybe it’s because the black thong and balconette bra you love are hang-drying in the laundry room, or you have to wear a strapless dress. Yet, your body will still crave the support and the luxe feel of superior materials and structure.

Wearing upscale intimates is a way to invest in yourself and your body. You have to want that feeling to invest in it, but who doesn’t want to feel good in the items they wear every day? Who doesn’t ache for that feeling of support without the constant sexualization? Quality bras and underwear offer that sense of feeling while allowing you to express the female form in pieces that fit and feel good.

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