An Easy Guide to Buying Bras Online
An Easy Guide to Buying Bras Online
What do you need to know about online bra shopping? A few things, actually. For example, consulting with a brand’s online fit therapist is a great place to start. They’ll be able to help you with your correct size and give you insight into all their bra styles. If you’ve been eyeing plunge bras, they’ll be able to recommend the size you need.

When you wear bras that fit comfortably and give you a confidence boost, you know you have a winning combination. But finding the right bras can be a bit more of a challenge. Fortunately, even with all the options on the market, online bra shopping has become easier than ever. You should never have to compromise on style, fit, or support. As you build your bra collection, the following tips may come in handy.

Know Your Desired Support

Bras come in every size, silhouette, and support level imaginable. Before diving into the online shopping experience, it may help to have an idea of what you are looking for in terms of support. For example, if you want the freedom of a bralette but need underwire support, you can find what you’re looking for with a quick search. If you’re looking for a soft yet supportive option available in larger sizes, you might wonder what is demi bra fabric you should look for. Modern demi bras can offer great support for women with larger breasts, especially when constructed with premium materials. Overall, it helps to know where you can find extra support and comfort while staying in tune with fashion-forward trends.

Take Your Measurements

Finding the right fit can seem complicated, especially when you’re shopping for bras online. All brands are going to run their sizes slightly differently. The best thing to do is start with your band and bust measurements. You’ll need a soft measuring tape. Start by measuring your underbust circumference (where the breast tissue ends at the bottom) and your overbust circumference (where your breasts are the fullest). Subtract your underbust from your overbust—and you can find your cup size. The difference you get correlates to your alphabetical cup size. If that gets to be too much, keep reading for more helpful tips.

Use Customer Service to Your Advantage

If your size gets confusing with the measuring tape or you need assistance, reach out to your favorite brand’s customer service team or “fit team” through online chat or email. The best brands make these types of resources easily accessible for their customers. Your chosen brand may even have a simple fit quiz you can take to get an idea of your bra size.

Consult with an Online Fit Therapist

If you want to cut to the chase, schedule an online fitting with a trained fit therapist of the brand you’re interested in. This may be the easiest way to get your size and chat with a woman who knows that brand and their sizing inside and out. You’ll still need a measuring tape, but your fit therapist is there to explain the process and walk you through it. Your secure video chat will be private and you can even leave your T-shirt on if that helps you feel more comfortable than measuring in your bra. Plus, the right brand will be able to give you insight into their variety of bra offerings. For example, they can tell you if the plunge bras you’re eyeing offer the ideal fit for your particular shape and size.

When shopping for bras online, it’s always a good idea to know your needs while also keeping an open mind about new styles, innovative materials, and modern takes on classic designs.

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