A Guide to Work Outfits When You Work From Home
A Guide to Work Outfits When You Work From Home
Are you ready to ditch the jammies while working at home? Clothing may be the last thing on your mind if the couch is your office. But the art of dressing doesn’t have to be complicated or take away from your lifestyle. Go with what feels most authentic to you and get ready for your on-camera meetings with bold, comfortable style.

For those who don’t work in a traditional office setting, thinking about what you’re going to wear may be the last thing on your mind. You can get away with wearing pajamas all day if you really wanted to. For others, the act of getting dressed and ready for work, even if it’s from your couch, is an important part of a productive day. There’s some psychology to it, for sure. When you look and feel your best, you may perform better and have a better attitude. This doesn’t mean you have to wear heels and a dress every day unless you really want to. You want to be comfortable no matter what you’re wearing, from your 32F bra to your blazer. Here are some ways to think about the art of dressing and what it means for your daily work life.

Treat the Little Things with the Most Care

Where do you find the beauty in an otherwise mundane day? Your daily rituals are where the magic happens. Maybe it’s sipping tea, getting dressed, and following a skincare routine. All the little things you do are the building blocks of your day. It’s easy to cruise on autopilot and not think about what can bring you the most peace. The things that don’t deserve our attention are where we seem to focus the most. Social media, mindless news scrolling, endless emails, and unanswered texts should be secondary to the reliability of mindfulness and nourishing rituals.

Wear Comfortable Intimates to Start Your Outfit

Support yourself from the inside out. When you’re working at home, sometimes the last thing you want to do is put on a bra. But you have video calls and meetings. Begin your on-camera outfits with comfortable intimates that don’t make you dread putting them on. Go for the luxe fabrics and lightweight textures. Think of your intimates like you do a cashmere sweater or a soft white tee. It’s the simple pieces that make you feel most like yourself. Whether you wear 30A bras or 38G bras, you’ll be more likely to want to wear them if they make you feel comfortable and supported. From there, you can build your on-camera outfit without feeling too restricted by the work clothes.

Keep It Simple and Bold

Taking meetings at home is a lot different to going into the office. The quality of your camera and available lighting determines a lot of how presentable you look. Think about these elements when you’re planning your outfits. For example, detailed prints tend not to look good on most webcams. You want to focus on simple, bold colors that complement your skin tone. Layering is a great idea to provide some visual interest. It’s fun to talk about wearing pajama bottoms and a formal top, but if you have to get up for any reason during a meeting you might regret that choice! If you need a little inspiration in the morning, start with a bold color for your intimates, like a seasonal color from a comfortable brand, and build the outfit from there.

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