4 Bra and Underwear Secrets Every Woman Should Know
4 Bra and Underwear Secrets Every Woman Should Know
Women have been dealing with the ups and downs of wearing bras for years, and luckily, we have learned a thing or two. The first step is to invest in high-quality bras and panties, like demi bras and high waisted underwear. If you follow up by learning these four bra and underwear secrets, you’ll be an expert at getting exactly what you need out of your intimates.

Oftentimes, if we have issues with finicky bra straps or bulky bras, we just deal with it. But you shouldn’t have to wear a bra that doesn’t work for you. Women have been dealing with finicky bra construction for years, and luckily, we’ve learned a thing or two. Start choosing bras built for real women’s bodies, like a high-quality demi bra. If you’re asking yourself, what is a demi bra? That is your first sign to get better bras for yourself. It’s amazing how a great bra can change your daily life. But even with high-quality bras and panties in your intimates drawer, there are still some secrets that every woman should know.

Know Your Sister Bra Sizes

The key to always finding a bra that fits is figuring out your sister bra size. Usually, that means going one size smaller on your current band size and one size larger than your current cup size. For example, if you typically wear a 36C bra, your sister size should be a 34D bra. But if that doesn’t feel right, you can switch it around and go one band size larger and one cup size smaller. It may take some trial and error, but finding a bra that fits perfectly can become easier once you know your sister bra size.

Minimal and Pared-Down Silhouettes Shouldn’t Be a Secret

Uncomfortable fitting bras are just plain unacceptable at this point. Minimalist, pared-down bra silhouettes shouldn’t be a secret, but they can provide comfort and support that fits your body. You can still enjoy your favorite bra styles and some classics like a balconette bra and demi bras, but without any bulky padding. Pared-down silhouettes can form to your body better and help you feel like you’re not even wearing a bra while still getting the support and coverage you need.

Keep Your Bras Looking Pristine by Storing Them Right

How many times have we haphazardly thrown our bras into a drawer without a second thought? A couple of things to remember when storing your bras is that you do not want to place one cup inside the other. This makes it easier for underwires to start poking out and making you uncomfortable. It’s a good practice to store your bras in their own drawer and lay them flat with the back clasped every time. This can help your favorite bras last longer and help you save room in your underwear and sock drawer.

High Waist Underwear Can Help Give You Form

A pair of high waist underwear can give you a flattering shape and help eliminate any visible panty lines. You can stay comfortable and free of panty lines all day long. High waist underwear can also give your panty collection a luxurious vintage flair.

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