3 Ways to Add a Soft Shine to Your Day with Intimate Wear
3 Ways to Add a Soft Shine to Your Day with Intimate Wear
If you want to add a bit of shine to your day, there are some simple ways to do it. It’s all in the little things. From the intimates you wear like plunge bras, to what you do, like making a decadent dinner—you can accumulate many shiny bits to fashion a sparkling lifestyle. As you do it, you just have to prioritize quality.

There are subtle ways to add a glow or a shine to your day with your outfit. Small changes can impact the way you approach a situation, or how you take time for yourself. Your shine can be a self-defined state of being. Whether you wear something with a hint of a frosty shimmer or enjoy a figurative shine, you can give yourself a chance to get creative and enjoy the moment. You can uncover a world of ways to add a soft shine to your day, from swapping your standard bra for luxury plunge bras with power mesh material to dedicating an evening to yourself and your intimates. If you need some help thinking things over, here’s what you should know.

Start with Your Foundational Pieces

Before the day is underway, you have a chance to add some real shine and sparkle to your day in your foundational pieces. That means your underwear or your intimates. There are many ways you can go about this, but it’s important that you don’t select something that tries to squeeze you into standard sizing. That’s not what your shine is supposed to be about. Instead, look for pieces like the ones below that use innovative fabrics and structured silhouettes.

• Plunge bras with a metallic hue

• Balconette bras in gold

• Shimmery high waist panties

• Onyx bikini-style bottoms with sparkle

Do Something for Yourself

Make a swap in your day. Instead of doing something you think you have to get done, do something you know you want to do. It might not give your day any physical shine or glow, but it can feel really nice to do something for yourself. You can invest in something you’ll enjoy wearing, fall into a delightful ensemble, or just feel really confident in your decision to put yourself first. Here are a few ideas that might spark your interest:

• Buy matching intimates

• Choose an outfit that shows off your sparkle

• Set time aside to do something you love

• Take some self-reflection time and be alone with your thoughts

Enjoy an Evening in Your Intimates

An evening in your intimates can shine a new light on your whole day, both figuratively and literally. You get to redefine sensuality and ask what is demi bra style when you’ve got the home all to yourself? Well, it’s personal, but it could be something with a clean silhouette, a little coverage, and a lot of figure-loving elements. if you need to find a style or a tone for a shine-worthy evening, a few things come to mind:

• Strip down to your foundation

• Pull on some slippy socks

• Prepare a decadent dinner

• Dance in your underwear (and put those socks to work)

Giving your day and your entire life a little bit of shine doesn’t have to be complicated. It can be in a gloriously shimmery panty, a subtly metallic bra, or it could be an everyday action that you try doing in your underwear. To make a gloriously sparkly lifestyle, you might just need a few shiny bits and pieces.

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