What are the Important Aspects of a Good Website Design?
What are the Important Aspects of a Good Website Design?
Discover the key elements of effective website design and enhance your online presence with our comprehensive guide.

A good website design can turn visitors into customers. Therefore, focusing on your web design should be equally important as any other aspect of your business. Additionally, you can keep your visitors hooked just by having a web design that is pleasing to the eyes. Web design is vital in taking customer's decision-making ability into your own hands. When you know how each aspect of your website can impact your customer, you can make changes accordingly.

In this article, we will uncover all the important aspects of a good website design you need to know.

Important Aspects of a Good Website Design

It's a no-brainer that user interaction and website appearance are vital to all visitors. An old-school design with outdated interactive elements can be why your website isn’t getting attention. Therefore, by understanding visitor behavior, there are a few factors that you need to work on for enhanced visitor experience.

Here are important aspects that you should never compromise on:

1.      Professionalism

This is the first impression visitors experience as they land on your website. Customers will always prioritize professionalism when they’re doing business with you. You can show your visitors you’re a modern and respectable business to achieve professionalism. This can be done by portraying your existing customer reviews on the main page of your website.

Consider adding a culture page on your website that shows your company’s events and get-togethers and how they provide a positive environment. Also, you can use your staff photos; seeing your employees happy and smiling will engage them to get along with you. Showing you care about your current customers and employees will promote professionalism and get them hooked.

2.      Responsiveness

Many businesses need to pay more attention to how users browse their websites through different devices. Therefore, keeping your website responsive and compatible with all devices is equally important. You can hire a web design Dubai agency that will make your responsive on all devices without affecting its functions.

Also, most websites are already responsive on desktop as default. But did you know that most people shop through their phones? Therefore, ensuring your website has a responsive design for small screens will likely help you to generate more leads.

3.      Optimized Speed

New visitors will likely only wait 2 – 5 seconds for your website to load. If your website is not optimized for quick loading time, it increases your website bounce rate to a maximum. Poor loading time also affects your site ranking, so your website won’t easily appear in search results. Therefore, optimizing your website frequently will help you attract new visitors.

You can optimize your website speed by optimizing images. For instance, if an image on your website has 3000 x 3000 dimensions and your web page has an adjusted image in 1000 x 1000 frames. Therefore, you can resize the image to the required dimensions and cut out anything extra that is putting the load on the user network. Also, you should use. JPG images rather than PNGs, as they take more time to load.

4.      Appearance

This is the main aspect of your web design. If the appearance is unattractive, you can expect visitors to leave right after they open your website. Your website should have its unique theme, which should be used on every website page. Having pages that don’t have similar colors or the same theme can also have a negative impact.

Furthermore, bold fonts can elevate your website's appearance and make it more engaging. Therefore, don’t forget to include them in your page headings and throughout your content. You can also use hero images placed at the top of your website and portray your company's positive image.

5.      Clarity

This is a much-needed factor to have on your website. Specifically, when you have too many interactive elements and content on your page, it can confuse users. Therefore, dividing content into different parts and pages will help users to browse your website easily. This can be achieved by creating different pages, drop-down menus, and navigation shortcuts.

However, this process can take much time if you do it alone. You can hire experts who provide premium web design services to make your website easy to navigate.

6.      User-Friendly

Lastly, you need to make sure that your website is user-friendly. No doubt, you can have visitors with different backgrounds and age groups who can’t browse easily. Making sure your website is user-friendly by providing them with options that they can use easily. For instance, if you’re running an ecommerce store, you should make your add-to-cart element easy to use so they can shop easily.

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