7 Ways Your Website Design Company is Robbing You Blind
7 Ways Your Website Design Company is Robbing You Blind
If you have any questions regarding the meaning of the numbers and data, they ought to be able to sit down with you and discuss the issue with you. This is the second part of the service they may cost you. Since you're using their staff's time to inform you about what the information is and how this information will benefit you.

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Email Management Fees


In the past, ten years ago, this was the case; however, with the introduction and increasing usage of Google's Gmail Email Client, this is now obsolete. If an Etrosoft Website Design Company is put up through the domain registry, there is the possibility for Google's "FREE" email client to manage all of your company's email addresses. It allows you to create email addresses, manage your company's emails using a single, easy-to-use web-based panel, and utilize exchange servers while you keep your account. Some companies charge $100.00 to $200.00 monthly for the service is an obvious disgrace to the business owner who pays these companies.


Initial Consultation Fees


I've never understood how an organization could charge a potential customer just for meeting with them to discuss the possibility of purchasing a service from them. If a web design business would like to set you to sit down and talk to them about your website, there are a few points to consider. In the first instance, if the firm decides not to work your website on its own, you're out of the cost. If they're charging you before starting their work, what will they be able to cost you should they choose to accept your website? Hundreds of dollars for each question that you've got? Thousands per page you'd like to change on your website? In the end, you may pay much more than you expected.


Phone Consultation Fees


Imagine that you were faced with an inquiry about whether the medicine you're taking can adversely interact with another drug you've been prescribed. You phoned your local pharmacy to inquire about the same question. They were able to charge you $100.00 just to talk to the pharmacist regardless of their ability to answer your query. What number of people would contact the pharmacy they have at home? This same thought could be applied to your website design business. If you're thinking about making changes to your site and would like to inquire with your web design firm if altering the words on your website could negatively impact the way your site is viewed on search engines, they charge you only the cost of calling, what chance will you be to change your place in the future? Whatever the issue, no matter how poorly the site's performance is or how in error the ContentContent on the website might be? It can be extremely detrimental to your business, as it could shut down customers, which means you're losing money. Visit Etrosoft.


Search Engine Submission


Search Engine Submission is the method of getting your site included in various search engines. The site is not ranked, simply speaking, telling search engines that your website is online. This is something some web design companies charge. It's "FREE," as it doesn't cost anything to do...ever. There are tools online that permit users to input an email address and the domain's name and then automatically add your website to over 1000 directories for FREE. If the Web design firm offers this as a service, think about doing it yourself or finding a different business that will handle it for you at no cost.


Tracking And Reporting


It's an interesting point to include in this list. There are a few instances where an online design firm must be required to charge for this. The majority of the software used for tracking and reporting is free. Google Analytics is one of the most effective available and is open to all who own a Google account. The only thing that a web design company could charge you for is the implementation and, if necessary, consultation. You should then be granted access to the email account they utilized to set up the tools. Since Gmail accounts cost nothing and can be set up with the tools, they will create an email account for you. They should then grant you access to the account to log in to the statistics on the site and examine them yourself. 


Monthly Hosting Fees


This is among the largest things that people pay for since they don't know about it, and it's a huge deal for Web design firms. An online design firm's typical cost for annual hosting is $1200.00 annually, which equals $100.00 monthly. It may seem sensible, but it's a huge expense. Think about this: buying your hosting could be accomplished for less than 120.00 per year. Furthermore, any business can create your website from your server. This means that you are not limited when looking to build your website. This is like going to a Car Dealership with an approved loan in your account. You have the option to inform the future Web Design company, "If I don't like your service, I will go somewhere else" It is quite simple to do. You control your web design company's access to your website and not any other way. If your web design firm charges you ridiculous sums of money to make minor changes to your site, you can cut off access and move to others, and ANYONE could take over the place where the previous one ended. With just a bit of time and some investigation, you can realize the benefits of having your site hosted. Not just from a fiscal perspective but from a business perspective too.


Charging You For Services, You Don't Use


This is one of the main factors that could increase the price of conducting business on the internet. The majority of people don't have questions. They believe that their web design firm is in their best interests. It's not the case, but in many instances, people worry about the main thing when dealing with business. The fact that web design firms know that you aren't allowed to inquire about the services they include on their invoices means that they may list incorrect services that aren't even relevant on the invoice. Always be sure to ask questions about the information on your invoice. Suppose your Etrosoft Web Design Service Toronto doesn't or can't provide answers to your questions regarding the invoice you received. In that case, this is a warning sign to ask more specific questions regarding what's happening. I've had clients contact me with questions about what is on their invoices, and I then sit down to discuss everything in it. I've had clients contact me with invoices of $5,000 for a couple of hours of work to change some images on their website. I've seen services charged for that were not requested, such as updating the site's code and monthly optimization of the website. I've witnessed these services being performed without speaking to the person who owns the website, and if these fees are not paid, web design firms threaten to shut down the website because of insufficient payment. The most effective thing you can do when working with any website design firm is to ask questions, and if you're unsure about the answer, seek clarification. This will help you save time and money and simplify the process of running an online presence less stressful.