Best Pirelli Drive Tires - H89 Drive Plus - Maestrotires
Best Pirelli Drive Tires - H89 Drive Plus - Maestrotires
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Long-haul/better regional fuel-efficient drive tires include Pirelli Drive Tires. The tire has the Pirelli patent SATT and the H-89 Drive Plus pattern name (advanced spiral technology for trucks). The Pirelli patent's three sandwiched zero-degree belts give tires greater handling, more retreads, level wear, and a longer lifespan. H-89 Drive Plus Pirelli Drive Tires are now offered in California. Other Pirelli patent technologies that are utilized in the production of this tire include: BWC (Bead Wrapped Chafer), RSB (Rotated Shoulder Rib), DLTC/HSFC (Dual layer tread compound and high silica formulation compound), FRC (Full Rubberized Cords), and HBW (Hexagonal Bead Wire). Customers have the option of purchasing them at online as well. 


Key Features About Pirelli Drive Tires 

Some of the important features and customer benefits of the H-89 Drive Plus Pirelli Drive Tires are:- 

• Longitudinal and transversal groove geometry- Provides excellent grip & traction 

• New Tread & Base Compound- Deliver low rolling resistance & heat generation 

• Optimized Tread geometry & compound- Ensures uniform wear & comfortable handling 

• Tire Profile & shoulder design- Gives even wear and longer tread life. 

(H-89 Drive Plus Pirelli Drive Tires are currently available in 295/75 R22.5 size with a load index of 144/141 and a load range of "H" The Tire comes with a 14 Pr Ply rating and has a speed rating of "L." The Tire's overall diameter is 40.6 inches, and its load capacity is 6175 Lbs ( single). 

295/75 R22.5 H-89 Drive Plus attracts a federal excise tax (FET) of USD 25.28.) 



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