Most spectacular route of the 7 gorgs - ruta dels 7 gorgs
Most spectacular route of the 7 gorgs - ruta dels 7 gorgs
Most spectacular route of the 7 gorgs - ruta dels 7 gorgs

Most spectacular route of the 7 gorgs - ruta dels 7 gorgs

One of the most beautiful routes among the many that we can do through the province of Girona, within the Catalan community, is the one known as the Ruta dels 7 Gorgs, a route through beautiful mountain landscapes that will allow us to see the 7 waterfalls with their respective pools of crystalline and clear waters, all of them in bucolic settings and lush vegetation.


This route is within the municipality of Campdevànol, a small town where some 3,300 people live, and which belongs to one of the most beautiful inland regions of this community, Ripollés, whose capital, the municipality of Ripoll, is located less than 4 km. of Campdevanol.


The Ruta dels 7 Gorgs, highly recommended for the paradisiacal scenarios that it will allow us to contemplate, is a 10 km circular route. and it does not involve any difficulty, and is suitable for all people, regardless of their age or experience in hiking. If we do it in summer, we can bathe in each of the 7 pools we pass through, resulting in an extremely rewarding experience as a whole. Although it is also worth commenting here that during the winter, although we cannot bathe in the cold waters of the pools, it is worth the trip since we find ourselves at that time with an impressive panorama due to the spectacular ice formations that are formed in the waterfalls.


The pools are also known as a whole with the name "Gorgs del Torrent de la Cabana", about the stream whose waters form these wonderful waterfalls, the Torrent de la Cabana which, after crossing the town of Campdevànol, pours its waters into the river Fresser. The waterfalls are not particularly large, all of them fluctuating between 5 and 15 meters, but they are really attractive and form unforgettable places that have nothing to envy to other more exotic corresponding to remote and distant countries and that so much admiration awakens in us when we see them in documentaries and movies. Once again, it seems true that we tend to feel more admiration for distant things and places than for what surrounds us, which sometimes we do not know how to value in its fair measure.


These are the seven waterfalls that we will find during the tour.

Gorg of the Cabin



The waterfall forms a small pool, but you have to be very careful because the descent to the pool involves a bit of danger. Although the Gorg de la Cabana has clean and very tempting waters, we can affirm that it is difficult to access for bathing.

Gorg of Tosca



The Gorg de la Tosca is considered by many to be one of the most beautiful of the seven. It is an idyllic spot, and one of the best pools for bathing, also being the one with the easiest access. Despite this, we must bear in mind that, being in a place where the sun does not touch, the water is quite cold, and the body takes a while to acclimatize to its temperature. Although it is worth it.


Gorg de l'Olla



Forming a setting of great beauty, the Gorg de l'Olla is ideal for bathing, also offering the possibility of having fun jumping from the rocks that surround this beautiful natural pool, although, of course, never committing the imprudence of jumping headfirst, since we have to take into account that there are rocks submerged in the water. It should be noted that the water in this pool has a very low temperature, which in fact could be described as icy.


Gorg of the Bauma



The waterfall formed here by the waters of the Torrent de la Cabana creates a magnificent, truly spectacular natural pool at its feet. However, we have to warn here that those who bathe in it should do so with the necessary precaution, especially if they are accompanied by children since there is a small whirlpool in this pool.


Gorg del Forat



It is a waterfall that forms a small pool, very attractive and in a beautiful environment surrounded by vegetation, but, as occurs with the Gorg de la Cabana, access to the pool is somewhat difficult, which means that bathing is not as easy as we might wish.


Gorg Petit del Colomer



The Gorg Petit del Colomer is one of the most spectacular spots on this route, and not precisely because of its waterfall, which has very little height, but because of the extensive natural pool that forms at its feet, with extremely crystalline waters and that seems to be made a beach of calm waters in the middle of the mountain.


Gorg del Colomer



Of all the pools that make up the Ruta dels 7 Gorgs, this is the one that always has, and by far, the largest influx of visitors. Its waterfall is the most impressive, with 13 meters of altitude, and the pool has very clear waters, into which bathers can launch themselves from the rocks that surround it. Although surely the main reason is that the Gorg del Colomer can be reached without going through all the others, thus saving a trip of almost three hours if your intention is not to see the pools but simply to bathe in one of them and spend a nice day.


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