Canada's Top 5 Provinces for Living in 2022 – Aptech Visa
Canada's Top 5 Provinces for Living in 2022 – Aptech Visa
Due to their urbanisation, Toronto and Vancouver are frequently taken into consideration when determining the greatest cities in Canada to reside.

Canada's Top 5 Provinces for Living in 2022 – Aptech Visa

Due to their urbanisation, Toronto and Vancouver are frequently taken into consideration when determining the greatest cities in Canada to reside. When deciding which province in Canada is the greatest for living, one must examine factors other than British Columbia and Ontario.

Yes! These two provinces are without a doubt the top choices for most Canadians seeking permanent residency, but they might not be the best fit for you. Even if they are the best two places to live, you still need to take into account things like housing options, employment possibilities, weather, and more.

Here, we'll discuss the finest provinces in Canada to reside in along with the factors that influence people's decisions to relocate there.

Why submit a Canadian permanent residence application?

Canada's limitless options, growth potential, urbanisation, and robust industrialised economy make it among the finest countries in the world to live in.

Canada has a high level of life, low taxation, and is one of the richest nations in the world. It is one of the most benevolent locations to live and flourish, with an inflation rate of just 5.3 percent.

It is the second-largest nation, with a landmass of 9.8 million square kilometres and a population of more than 37 million. Up until 2023, Canada will accept 400,000 new permanent residents annually, which presents a fantastic opportunity to move.

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The nation is home to a vibrant, multicultural society that coexists peacefully with people of all ages, genders, religions, and ethnicities.

Because of its diverse flora and fauna and strong environmental consciousness, Canada is a liveable country. In addition, Canada is well regarded for its stability, security, healthcare, education, and good quality of life.

Best province in Canada to live in

According to your preferences and opportunities, consider the following list to determine which Canadian province is ideal for you to call home:

1. Ontario

Most applicants seeking permanent residence in Canada give Ontario first priority. About half of the immigrants who arrived in Canada in 2021 choose to settle in Ontario.

The fact that Ontario is an economic powerhouse makes it the finest province in Canada to reside in. One of the liveliest locations to live in is Toronto, the province's capital. It is a large, culturally varied metropolis that draws professionals eager to advance their careers.

Because inhabitants of Toronto know how to work hard throughout the week and enjoy laid-back weekends, many people compare the lifestyle there to that of New York. However, because of the high cost of living, it is not as popular as other places to raise a family. The province offers a top-notch educational system that welcomes foreign students to prestigious colleges.

Although Toronto is the city that attracts immigrants the most, many also like living in Ottawa, London, and Mississauga.

In Canada, Ontario has the lowest unemployment rate. Opportunities for employment are not the sole draw, though. With stunning mountains, beaches, lakes, national parks, and woods, it is a lovely area to live.

This province would be regarded as the ideal place to live in Canada by those who aspire to live the Canadian way of life. This is the place to stay if you want to meet individuals from all cultural backgrounds and learn something new every day.

Given the growing size of the Indo-Canadian population in Toronto, Ontario is the greatest province in Canada to reside for Indian nationalists. For a long time, Indo-Canadians have fueled Ontario's economic engine and transformed the province into a multicultural melting pot. Ontario is the ideal place for India's "crème de la crème" since it has top-notch skills in IT, engineering, finance, and marketing.



2. British Columbia

British Columbia, which is located on Canada's west coast, has a temperate climate with moderate winter snowfall. This region, which boasts spectacular beaches, mountains, and lush greenery, comes in second when ranking the finest province in Canada to live in.

After Ontario, the bulk of newcomers picked British Columbia as their residence in 2021. The high standard of living is the main factor to take into account while making a transfer. Yes! It is rather pricey, particularly if one chooses to stay in Vancouver.

It is the largest and most populated city in the province. Vancouver is nothing less than a paradise to live in, with mountains serving as the backdrop and the Pacific Ocean in front. With a wide range of cultural experiences and abundant career prospects, this location makes for an attractive metropolitan centre.

For immigration, Victoria comes immediately behind Vancouver. This is perfect for outdoor aficionados because of the slower tempo, vintage charm, and great regional variance. Chilliwack, Kelowna, and Kamloops are a few other sites of interest.

The province provides adequate funding for public services, transportation, and education. In Vancouver, there are top-notch private universities and foreign schools. The taxes and cost of living area, nevertheless, the greatest here.

To support one person, immigrants need a minimum yearly wage of CA$50,000. People who want to move here with their families will require at least CA$120,000 to support themselves.

Although British Columbia's economy is diversified, service-related sectors predominate. Agriculture, forestry, and fisheries are all quite prominent. High technology, mining, manufacturing, cinema and television, and tourism are among the things for which it is well known.



3. Quebec

Because it has a diverse population, offers job possibilities, and is generally less expensive to live in than Ontario and British Columbia, Quebec is the third-best province in Canada to call home. It heavily borrows from French and uses French as its primary language.

Quebec has a different way of life from the rest of Canada. In contrast to others, it also has a unique PR procedure. The characteristics still reflect European influence despite the province having an American mindset.

Quebec's two most populated cities are Quebec City and Montreal. While modern lifestyle influences may be seen in the bustle of urban areas, other people choose a more relaxed pace to enjoy life.

The largest province in terms of area, Quebec is known for its rich cultural heritage, warm inhabitants, and maple syrup manufacturing. The extreme cold is one drawback for many who don't wish to move here.

To provide their children with the greatest education and morals, families select Quebec as their home. Ice hockey and skating are popular there because of the lively outdoor lifestyle, which keeps kids involved in sports.

The greatest place to live in Canada on a budget in Quebec, which has excellent transportation and healthcare. As a result, it is the finest province in Canada for families to reside.

In this province, there are many different job options, with the manufacturing and service sectors dominating. ICT, AI, health tech, agriculture, banking, and insurance are other excellent applications.

4. Alberta

Alberta is the best province in Canada to reside in when comparing Prairie areas for families and foreign students. Alberta, which is in the middle of Canada, welcomes you with a classic atmosphere amidst an agricultural culture. As you partake in harvest celebrations, savour locally produced foods and drinks, dress as cowboys, or just watch rodeos, life in Alberta has a certain appeal. The city is a safe choice due to its low crime rate.

The main city that draws immigrants is Calgary, which also has excellent infrastructure and transit options. It's a wonderful place to grow kids and instil a love of sports in them.

The third-largest urban area in Canada, Calgary also happens to be the world's cleanest metropolis. The city's economy is heavily dependent on the oil sector, which also accounts for its fast expansion.

Jobs are available in Alberta for a variety of occupations. Living here will be advantageous for those with backgrounds in banking, finance, logistics, transportation, engineering, mechanics, and technology. People who want to launch their own businesses can also settle in Alberta.

Alberta's education system is cutting edge, with first-rate buildings and first-rate infrastructure. Families believe that this province is ideal for enhancing their children's educational experiences, from playgrounds to horseback riding lessons.

The unemployment rate is dropping as more immigrants choose Calgary. Additionally, with a relatively low cost of living, it is a rewarding choice for starting a family and generating income.

People decide to migrate to Edmonton after Calgary. The province's capital and second-most populated city both share the distinction. Edmonton's interesting events keep everyone interested all the time. This city is a vibrant destination to experience Canadian culture because it hosts more than 30 yearly events.

The sunniest cities in Canada are found in Alberta, which also enjoys wonderful weather. It is important to remember that the climate is harsh since summers may go as hot as 35 degrees Celsius and winters can get as frigid as -51 degrees Celsius.



5. Nova Scotia

This province on the east coast attracts many immigrants because of its affordable housing and peaceful surroundings. It is tranquil to migrate to Nova Scotia since it is clean and green with a low crime rate.

In this province, trawling, fishing, and hunting all provide sizable revenue. For professionals who can work remotely, it is ideal. Many Canadians build up sizable retirement funds so they may enjoy their golden years in this stunning province.

The best place to live is in Halifax, where residents experience a fusion of urban and rural cultures. This area is ideal for starting a family because it has a relatively cheap cost of living.



An agricultural background is advantageous for immigrants in this country. Growing here could be difficult, though, if you want to go up the corporate ladder.

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How can I pick the right province for my needs?

You must narrow down your choices to the top five provinces in Canada now that you know which one is best for you. Regarding employment prospects, climate, and lifestyle, each region is unique. To narrow down your choices and choose the one that's best for you, consider the following:

1. Career possibilities

Professionals choose to live in areas like Ontario and British Columbia since there are many prospects for career advancement there. To maintain, preserve, and grow in environments like these, one must have a high quality of life. Your lifestyle will necessitate some indulgence, and your chances of climbing the corporate career ladder are strong. It is important to keep in mind that obtaining a PR visa for areas like Ontario and British Columbia would need a large amount of job experience and qualifications to verify prospects of sustainability.

2. Climate

Although most Canadians do not consider the weather when deciding where to reside, the country's winters cannot be ignored. They can continue for six months and may be challenging for persons moving from countries with warmer temperatures, such as India. No matter where they choose to live, newcomers to Canada are expected to endure the cold.

3. Way of life

When deciding to immigrate to another nation, immigrants have specific lifestyle preferences. As a result, before going to Canada, you should think about the type of life you want to lead. For those who want to reside in a major city, Ontario and British Columbia are ideal, while other individuals prefer the relaxed atmosphere of Nova Scotia and Alberta. Quebec is a great option since it provides a combination of both. However, it is mostly influenced by French culture and differs in several ways from the rest of Canada.

4. Immigration laws

Certain Canadian provinces have unique immigration laws. As a result, obtaining a visa may be more or less difficult. Depending on your lifestyle, work, and financial situation, you may find it easier to settle in some regions than others. Additionally, Quebec has a completely different immigration policy, so fitting in there is unique.

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