Best places to visit in Sharjah
Best places to visit in Sharjah
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Sharjah is best known for its rich cultural heritage. It is the third busiest city in UAE. Sharjah has its own distinctive culture. It also holds many sights and attractive places which you must visit when you plan to travel to Sharjah. Before planning your trip to Sharjah you must make a list of places where you really want to go and never miss a place. Sharjah is much more economical than Dubai and Abu Dhabi. You will not have to spend a lot while visiting Sharjah. Sharjah offers innocent yet lavish, beautiful, and decent places to visit. Let’s take a look that what Sharjah offers its tourists.


  1. Al Noor Island Sharjah


This Island was opened in 2015. It’s a recent addition and a beautiful attraction in Sharjah. This place is a mixture of many tastes in the middle of the water. The Island is decorated with lights that change the colors according to the time of the day. It holds a butterfly house. 500 butterflies from 20 different species. Modern sculpture and artwork spread all over the island to make it distinctive and appealing.


  1. Heart of Sharjah


The heart of Sharjah is the symbol of the old era and gives a complete picture to it. This is the largest heritage site of Sharjah and it will be completed in 2025. Meticulous care has been given to preserving the aura of the mid-90s. The major purpose of the project was to preserve the cultural legacy for future generations.


  1. Khor Fakkan


Khor fakkan is a part of Sharjah’s emirate. It has one of the largest ports in the country. The place is hugged by Hajar mountains having natural lush landscapes and stunning beaches. It has every ingredient to steal your heart. There are plenty of options to have fun at Khorfakkan beach as well. 


  1. Al Badayer Oasis Sharjah


This place is literary built in the middle of the sand. The oasis is fantabulous for tourists who love to experience the desert. It is not a desert camp, in fact, this resort offers luxury swimming pools and business suites.  


  1. The buried village


Although this place does not have any historical significance, it’s notable and mysterious. The village is literary lost in the sand of the desert, the half-buried houses belonged to the kutbi tribe according to the sayings of locals. A village is a must-visit place and you will definitely mesmerize by its construction. 

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