How to say vacuum cleaner in Spanish?
How to say vacuum cleaner in Spanish?
There are a few ways to say vacuum cleaner in Spanish. One way is to say aspirador, which is the most common word for vacuum cleaner.


 Another way to say vacuum cleaner is aspiradora, which refers to a specific type of vacuum cleaner. Finally, you can say vacío Cleaner, which is the formal word for vacuum cleaner made by the Vacuum cleaner Supplier.

What is a vacuum cleaner in Spanish?

Spanish speakers might not be familiar with the word "vacuum cleaner." However, they would know how to say it if they heard it in conversation.

In Spanish, a vacuum cleaner is called "motor de aspiración." This term means "vacuum cleaner engine."


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How to say vacuum cleaner in Spanish

If you're looking to purchase a vacuum cleaner in Spanish, here are some helpful words and phrases to know.

Vacuums can be referred to as aspiradores in Spanish. Here are some specific terms you may hear when purchasing a vacuum cleaner:
-Aerocasa: This is the Spanish word for vacuum cleaner.
-Botellero: This is the Spanish word for dustbin.
-Cepillo: This is the Spanish word for brush.
-Escoba: This is the Spanish word for broom.


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Hola amigos! Si estás buscando saber cómo decir el vacío en español, te dejo con este video que te mostrará como se dice "vacío" en ese idioma. Esperamos que hayas aprendido lo que querías y pronto podrás hablar perfectamente el idioma de vacuums!