How do you make Dex like PancakeSwap?
How do you make Dex like PancakeSwap?
?Pancakeswap clone script is ready to launch, market ready, multi- tested script that helps you to launch a defi based exchange platform like Pancakeswap.

How do you make Dex like PancakeSwap?

Are you want to create platform like Pancakeswap immediately!


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Pancakeswap Clone Script-What is Pancakeswap Clone Script?

Pancakeswap clone script is ready to launch, market ready, multi- tested script that helps you to launch a defi based exchange platform like Pancakeswap. We provide multiple advanced features at an affordable price to the startups and enterprises with in a short span of time. Our pancakeswap clone script works successfully on the Binance Smart Chain along advanced Automated MarketMaker, cash flow, exchange, and generates huge profit.


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Our PancakeSwap Clone Script’s best Features:

BlockchainAppsDeveloper provides multiple features in the PancakeSwap Clone Script for traders for their business to fulfill their needs 100%. So that I explain the small piece in our pancakeswap:


  1. Decentralized Exchange

  2. Swapping / CAKE Token

  3. Liquidity API's Integrated

  4. Automated Market Making

  5. High-Level Security API's

  6. Blockchain-Powered and s and etc..


We offers attractive benefits in PancakeSwap Clone Script:


Our PancakeSwap Clone Script having a lot of benefits. Our benefits attracted by the many users. These are the following below:


  1. Dynamic Token Pairing

  2. Decentralized Lottery Schemes

  3. Unlimited Token Integration

  4. Individual Transaction History and many more.


As a leading Defi Development Company providing the many platform and defi exchange clone scripts to the startups and entrepreneurs for their business. Here are some of the top defi exchange clone scripts,


  1. GameFi Clone Script

  2. BakerySwap Clone Script

  3. Babycake App Clone Script

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  6. Sushiswap Clone Script


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