AI TechPark Interview with John-Isaac Clark, CEO at Arturo
AI TechPark Interview with John-Isaac Clark, CEO at Arturo
John-Isaac Clark, CEO at Arturo

AI TechPark Interview with John-Isaac Clark, CEO at Arturo

John-Isaac Clark, CEO at Arturo discusses the application of Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning for effective property analysis and geospatial technologies.

1. Tell us how you came to be the CEO at Arturo. How much of your typical day involves innovating or ideating Arturo products for your customers?

I was recruited by the American Family Insurance team to spin out the technology that is the basis for our product today, which they had made a substantial investment in over a two-year period. I’ve been a high-tech entrepreneur and worked with many startups in my career, including T-Sciences, which exited to Hexagon Geospatial. Through that business, I had the opportunity to work with Google in 2007 shortly after they acquired a company called Keyhole, which became the product we all know as Google Earth. I was fascinated by how consumers have so much incredible access to location-based information (much of it derived from images of places with AI), but I always believed there was a huge market for this same approach to be applied to enterprise business use cases.

When I saw how American Family Insurance had built technology that employed AI to extract information about properties from satellite images, aerial images, and ground-level images, I was very excited about how this could transform the way in which industries that insure, lend, invest, or manage properties make decisions and conduct their business.

During the first year, I was heavily focused day to day on our product development and ideation. In my role previous to Arturo, I was Head of Commercial Product at DigitalGlobe (now MAXAR), which is the world’s highest resolution satellite imagery provider. I have had the privilege of spending a lot of time listening to what customers say they want and ultimately working to understand the problem they are trying to solve or the outcomes they are trying to drive. I still interact daily with our customers, though I am fortunate to now have some incredibly talented people who focus on our product and customers here at Arturo as I work to continue to grow the business.

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