5 Things to Know Before Choosing the Uber Clone
5 Things to Know Before Choosing the Uber Clone
5 Things to Know Before Choosing the Uber Clone

On demand taxi booking service is a next-gen platform that makes a huge difference in the transportation industry. The success story began only after the arrival of Uber, Lyft, etc.


This makes the development of clone apps more familiar. Uber clones the taxi service providers, riders and customers to be well-connected through digital links.


Here are the things that should be known before choosing the Uber clone.


100% Source Code - When you as an entrepreneur own the code, it is easy for you to customize as per your needs in the future. Most of the companies don’t offer 100% source code. It is important that you noticed on the source code

Of the app that you are going to buy.


Unique Feature Inclusion- Once you have finalized the business model and ready to start with the project, You should be given a freedom to add any new feature that is latest on the market to your application. Some companies do not support new feature inclusion, so please take a note of this before buying the uber clone app.

White Labeled App – A  White- labeled taxi booking app allows the entrepreneur to build their brand easily.Checking on the app that you’re going to purchase with a white label will simplify your work. It helps you to manage the application without any issues in between the customization. 

Server Installation – Only a few companies provide free installation for their clients. If the company from which you have purchased the Uber clone does not provide you with the free server installation, then you have to spend it separately. Therefore, keep an eye on the free server installation in the checklist while seeking the Uber clone app. 

App Submission – Once the application is developed, publishing it to their respective stores is the final task. If you are a non technical person then app submission is not for you. Please check whether they help you with the app submission before buying an Uber clone. 

Full-Fledged Support – If you are new to the concept of clone apps you will be needing constant support throughout the installation process. Make sure they provide you with necessary technical support where they can clear all your doubts from the start to end of the project seamlessly.

If all the above mentioned things are contemplated, then request for a demo from the company which you are trying to purchase a Uber clone. Many companies provide free demos to their clients for a better understanding of how the application works. Checking the demo is important to examine whether the Uber clone is a good fit for your on demand taxi business growth.

I just came across an Uber clone called Wooberly which is an on demand taxi booking app. It has all the essential features that are needed to start your business.

To Conclude : 


The above mentioned points will help you in choosing the best Uber clone. Choose the right company and get into the business in a short span of time without any hassles.