How To Activate Windows By Phone?
How To Activate Windows By Phone?
How To Activate Windows By Phone?



Activation is a crucial step in ensuring that your installation of Windows is legitimate and has not been installed on more devices than permitted by the Microsoft Software License Terms. After installing Windows, you'll be prompted to complete the licensing procedure by checking to see if the OS is enabled and connected to your Microsoft account. 

There's no getting around the fact that associating the digital license with a Microsoft account is mandatory. Why? For the simple reason that when a significant piece of hardware is added or removed, you may simply reactivate Windows using the Activation troubleshooter. Activating Windows, however, is often prevented by the dreaded "Windows activation error." A lot of people get to this point, and they struggle with getting their windows activated over a long period; for some, this is the time when they have to contact professionals who can get the job done.

For some others, they keep on trying to activate windows over and over again with the same error message. Are you in this position? Have you been trying to activate windows without any results? You do not need to remain stuck there. As a matter of fact, there are other solutions to activating your Windows and one of them is activating your windows via phone. It’s possible and easy with a high success rate. If you want to be able to activate Windows by phone, here are the steps you need to take:

  1. From the Start Screen type Activation, click settings, and then click Windows Activation from the list of Activations.

  2. Now the activation window that opens could look a few different ways depending on the issue you're having. If it says that your key is in use on another computer, then your PC will probably have options to use or buy a new key.

  3. If you're just unable to connect to the internet, then you would just click activate by phone or instead click the link that says contact Microsoft customer support. In both cases, you'll be brought to this same window. 

  4. Select your country from the drop-down and then click Next. Now what you need to do is call the phone number that you see listed under step one. 

  5. Then, you'll see nine groups of numbers; you'll need to enter each group one by one as the phone call, ask for them, and answer any additional questions that might ask you. 

  6. Once you've finished, you'll be told eight sets of numbers that you'll need to then fill into the eight boxes under. 

  7. Once that's finished, you'll just click activate, and you should be all set. 

If you are finding it difficult to activate windows, you can activate it by phone using the steps highlighted here. This will help ensure that you have a fully activated windows device without any stress. This process is a lot easier than many other activation methods, and it helps achieve the best results. So, try activating windows today and enjoy the results.