Creating a Business Website With PHP
Creating a Business Website With PHP
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The majority of the sites are written in PHP, although some are written in Flash, ASP, Java, Python, Ruby, or only HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, with no database or complicated features. Unlike HTML, PHP can connect to databases, create plain HTML code, and even set your server to process all HTML documents using PHP, preventing your site's original source code from being replicated or seen.


-> There are several versions of PHP, and there are significant differences between them, such as between PHP 4 and PHP 5, which included a new OOP show, improved MySQL and SQLite support, and other smaller enhancements.

-> PHP files have extensions such as.php,.phtml, and.php5, and they can contain PHP code as well as HTML, JavaScript, and CSS.


-> PHP can do a lot of useful things, such as creating dynamic page content, opening, reading, writing, erasing, and closing records on a server, gathering structure information, getting and sending treats, erasing, changing information in databases, controlling client access, scrambling information, and yielding pictures, PDF documents, Flash films, XHTML and XML content documents.


-> Despite the fact that PHP is the most widely used programming language for creating websites, it has a few flaws: complex task requests, open-source code, a lack of troubleshooting tools, bundle management, profitability, and it is constantly showing signs of change, irregularity, and language structure.


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