The Beauty Contrast of Contemporary Paintings in Traditional Space
The Beauty  Contrast of Contemporary Paintings in Traditional Space
The Beauty of Contrast in Contemporary Paintings in Traditional Space

With time modern art has progressed-with each century, each decade and with passing time a new feature becomes part of that space. Similarly, if we ever see the remains of any medieval or ancient space, we will know that from mountain carvings we moved to stone carvings, from carvings to paintings and then to sculptures.

Then to huge castles, each speaks imminently they have been built in history. Each of these things talks about the era they have been carved in and displays beautiful craftsmanship of the artist. 

And now, in the modern-day what we see is the most evolved, progressed and advanced form of craftsmanship, embellishing in any space be it a drawing-room, a house, office, or anything. Now, everything is beyond minimalistic. It's just walls and intricate interiors speaking volumes about our times, where simplicity has been ruling the interiors.

Apart from that, another way of displaying simplistic architecture or interiors is showing contrast and modernization in different spaces. But how do you do that? 

It’s simple to build contrast; you have to bring two worlds together. If its modern architecture you are going for then you will have to decorate the space with most rustic or traditional pieces- adding more value to space, at the same time each piece- a painting, statue, etc. will get more highlighted through this. The same way you bring contemporary paintings in traditional spaces.  

This way not only adds value to the art itself but also gives the place a more breathing space. Traditional spaces tend to look crowded or overdone. They seem too decorated at times which reduces their appeal and, in such cases, if you re-do the space by just adding a few contemporary paintings and the mood of the space immediately shifts, the entire crowded vibe seems to go away. 

But then again, how do you tell your space is traditional and how to have the bank account for the right contemporary paintings?

Let's begin with the latter, and you do not have to buy the original contemporary painting to accentuate the vibe or the appeal of your traditional space. You can simply buy art online for such pieces on any site which hosts artists who are just beginners.

Contemporary Art pieces can uplift any space because they are made without any restrictions or guidelines. Whatever flows in the artists' mind is what you see on the canvas- the colours, the strokes, the gradient everything stemming from an enriching feeling of freedom. That's why when it comes to traditional spaces, they are the best fit!

It’s often assumed that traditional spaces have their doors shut to freedom of thought, from every silhouette part of that space from which while you smell history or a time when that silhouette was celebrated, you somehow miss freshness. This freshness can be added by just bestowing your space with the creativity of a contemporary artist. 

Now, the former, “how do define your space as traditional?”

When the furniture sitting in that space talks about an era that has long gone, that's when you know you have a traditional space. Mostly such spaces lack windows. The walls are mostly dawned with rustic fabrics or artefacts. 

The furniture is though durable and tensile and seems aged and worn. And thus, you do need to add more zeal to such spaces so that one you do not lose the element of history, and two spaces can stand at par with the modern-day interiors and art.

When it comes to decorating style then feelings are most important things because it creates a ton of interest and ends up telling the story of everyone who lives there. Hence, traditional designs are the best way to inject in a home with brilliant style while paying homage and celebrating highlights of past eras and design movements.

And so, for anyone supporting contrasts knows the beauty of a perfect mix and match. Because today, of all times, you cannot be stuck in one particular style. You must explore; research knows what mixing different types of arts and style is when it comes to decorating or redoing a space once set in a particular time or style. 

Only then can space give you back the zen vibe that will calm you every time you walk into such spaces. And you still are unable to get your brains wrapped around this thought then visit hotel rooms, especially the more regal and older ones like a Taj or an Oberoi or a Leela. 

You will find that all their deluxe rooms have an underlying shadow of a traditional space yet to keep the space alive they add paintings, or lamps, or sculpture to revamp the rooms into a more modern space.

And once the exploration is over, open google and buy art online, to unleash freshness and good vibes in an otherwise crowded and mundane space. This will help your room, you and even the artist. And who knows maybe this becomes your project for life and you keep transforming spaces to release good vibrations and your creative spirits. Because a true creator always wishes to bring contrasts back to life only then the true sense of any painting or artform is let out to breath and prosper. 

Therefore, we can say that Contemporary Paintings boast a rich, warm and inviting feel in our Traditional Space. It can create a unique well-judged traditional style home and also appeals to all ages and personalities. Because they are elegant and comforting at the same time.