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Best Housing Society Management Software for you!

ADDA: Housing Society Management best Software

ADDA Housing Management Society Software provides you with a simple platform that can transform your community and make it extremely efficient and manageable. It was developed by a team of experts with more than 25 years of knowledge of managing society issues it allows anyone, even those who are new to the field, to participate in the process of managing


Housing Management Society Software allows anyone, whether familiar or not so familiar with accounting, to manage several activities at the same time while also maintaining society accounts.

ADDA is a Totally Integrated Housing Society Management Software.

ADDA is an integrated platform that provides social accounting and community engagement and facilities management tools for each Housing Society.

Best Housing Society Management Software 

ADDA offers a free Version of the Accounting software that is suitable for housing associations. Register for a free account today. 

The Accounting software for Housing Society Download 

Being the chairman of your Housing Society is a thankless job. Join a trial of ADDA to discover how simple it is to run your housing association. ADDA automatizes many key processes aiding you in managing effectively. 

ADDA is a software to manage Housing Society Open Source 

ADDA is a software that runs on the web for housing societies in India and is built on the LAMP stack. It is possible to create a free account and begin with ADDA now. 

Software for Co-operative Housing Societies 

Co-operative Housing Societies in India can utilize ADDA to manage their activities online . This includes Society charging, Society Accounts, Society Registers, and more transparency. ADDA is the best software in terms of the features and prices.

Modules for Various Types of Payments : Housing Society Management Software

  • Vendor Payments, Statutory Payments, Metered Services etc.

    • Invoice posting, Advance payment Advanced Adjustments TDS Calculation and Deduction.

    • GST is compatible with data listing of various GST Returns.

    • Calculate the proportionate Input Tax Credit, if the Society has received exemptions on maintenance bills.

    • Calculate the tax liability for reverse tax in the event of GST Vendors who are not registered.

  • Staff Salary / Advances

    • Deduct Professional Tax at the appropriate rates

    • Deduct Income Tax. [TDS]

    • Take care of the advances or loans by deducting installments, and taking into account salary payments

  • TDS Management

    • TDS calculation based on advance payments as well as invoice payment for Vendors.

    • A separate TDS management module, with interest calculation for delayed payments

    • Generate TDS challans

    • Generate data for quarterly TDS returns. TDS returns.

  • Determine any expenses that you have prepaid, at the close of the year.

    • Calculate the outstanding liability at the close of the calendar year.

    • Determine any expenses that you have prepaid at the close of the year.

  • Other Payments

Modules for Various Types of Receipts : Housing Society Management Software

  • Rental Incomes

    • A complete module that monitors the due dates for payments as well as the raising of bills in Service Tax

    • Rectification of receipts, which includes TDS and receipt issue (a feature that is not available in any similar software like itto do this.

  • Interest Income

    • Managed by a separate Investment Module

Other Modules : 

  • Investment of Funds A unique feature that isn't discovered elsewhere. The investment of funds [ Unique feature not found elsewhere.

    • Various Investment Heads

    • Matching Investment Heads to Funds

    • Interest auto-calculation

  • Members and outsiders - Security Deposit Management

    • Monitoring Security Deposits of members

    • Refund of Security Deposit [Absolutely Zero risk of refund being incorrect]

  • Fixed Assets Management

    • Change Fixed Assets' registers after you have completed an accounting entry

    • Calculate Depreciation at the close of the year based on predetermined rates

  • Share Transfer Premium - Management

    • Linking with the transfer of shares

    • Establish the policy on different charges. The procedure will guarantee that charges, as defined by the policy, are recouped prior to the transfer of shares.