Society Management System and Software
Society Management System and Software
Best Society Management System and Best Society Management Software.

Best Society Management System and Software

A society has a variety of requirements, including maintenance collection facilities booking, maintenance collection communications between residents and MCs repairs and maintenance of property monitoring staff, managing visitors , and parcels in addition to other tasks. ADDA - Society Management System is the only platform that integrates all the apartment requirements.


  • On-line Maintenance Fee Collection

    • On Time Invoicing with automated invoicing. Reduce Defaulters Rate.

  • Control of Expenses

    • Find out the cost of the costs and devise strategies to cut expenses.

  • Complaint Management

    • Track your complaints, suggestions and requests.

  • Visitors Management

    • Find a wealth of information about visitors per day, visitors inside the community, etc.

  • Emergency Management

    • Receive immediate assistance from neighbors, security or security when you need it.

Why do 3500+ Apartment Complexes utilize the ADDA, the Society Management System, ADDA?

Society Accounting & Billing

  • Through this Apartment Management Software free, manage your apartment's accounting and billing by automating invoicing as well as a payment gateway integrated. control defaulters.

User Management and Administrator Reports

  • Add, update, approve, deactivate residents. Control access. The Apartment Management Software will give the MC members more than 150 actions-oriented reports to review and make decisions.

Asset, Inventory , Helpdesk Tracker

  • Central repository of data. Maintenance records, documents, and other records. Keep track of queries and complaints. Establish task owners, an escalation matrix.

Why 3500+ Society trust Society Management System

Trusted by over 9000 Society Association Members across India. As members of a housing society , apartment complex or gated community, it's essential to keep informed about the financial health for your particular community. Everyone is entitled to be aware of the breakdown of maintenance costs which are paid to the Association on a regular basis. They also have the right to know all categories, based on the cost of maintenance.


Trusted by more than 9000 Apartment Association Members across India. A housing society or gated community employs employees to maintain the health for the residents. They must also invest in things that are commonly to be used within the apartments.


A software for managing apartments or societies helps in organizing the financial management process by keeping meticulous documents and optimizing spending to save money.


  • Pay Only What's Being Described

  • Pay Easy, Pay Secure

  • Are You Underusing Your Facilities?

  • Take a step towards Financial Sustainability

Society Management Software

What is the cost of your Society management software to your Association in spam? An ADDA Customer Success survey found that the average user of a free app receives three spam messages per day, which is not relevant to the living community. Smartphone users use multiple apps to communicate, finance, secure, and manage their lives.

Is your society administration app able to provide the point solutions it was designed for? Do you get unwanted notifications and advertisements? If this is the case, you should switch to a premium, no-nonsense community management application that does not compromise data privacy or manage costs.

Free Society management Software disadvantage

Although it may seem like a great deal, free society management software has hidden costs and unwanted consequences. You're so focused on the price tag that you forget to consider how homeowners will use the app. User experience is the most important aspect of seamless society management systems.

It's time for your Association to upgrade to a value-for-invest Society management software. It will also be spam-free which, in turn, will save you money.

A non-spammy Community app such as ADDA costs less than Rs. 70 per unit. The cost of the unit will therefore be Rs. Rs. 7000 per month, and Rs. For a 100-unit community, 84,000 per annum

You now have a better understanding of the hidden costs of spammy management systems for society. This will allow you to evaluate whether your current app is really going to help your Association succeed. Are you looking for the best software to manage your society? Check out this guide.

Advantages of Society management Software

The Most Comprehensive Society Management Software: Accounting, Billing and Helpdesk. Communication, Security, and More.

Private Social Network

Get to know your neighbors. Discussions, polls, albums and more

Manage Multiple Properties

App for apartment management. View multiple units owned

Manage Visitors

This Visitor Management App allows you to authorize visitors. Pre-authenticate Guests

Domestic Help

Locate Domestic Help. View/Provide. Reviews, View Attendance

Pay your bills

Simple payment options. Utility bills, Maintenance Dues and Maintenance Fees


Find the most trusted neighbors. Offers, Rent/Sell, Recommendations

Emergency Help

Security offers immediate assistance. When needed, neighbor

Facility, Activities

Book Common Facilities Stay. Stay updated on Activities and Events


Are you still unsure about the ADDA advantage. For assistance in assessing your society management system and to help you create a plan of action, Visit our main website and contact us.

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