How Much Does It Cost To Build An On-Demand Service Application?
How Much Does It Cost To Build An On-Demand Service Application?
On-demand mobile applications can fulfill different needs of people with real solutions. How much does it cost to develop a white-label app? Read here.

Undoubtedly, on-demand mobile applications can fulfill different needs of people with real solutions. Whether you want to buy any products or need any service, on-demand apps are the answer.

For example, Uber is an on-demand taxi service that helps you avoid the long waiting times for a taxi.

Today, life is moving at a lightning speed. We want everything on time and even before time. To help fulfill different demands of people, the on-demand economy has been helpful to supply services and goods within less time.

All you need is just a smartphone and you can avail any services or purchase any product you want without moving out of your house/office.

Uber Eats is among the trending on-demand food delivery apps operating successfully for a while now. It helps restaurant owners to fetch more orders and allows customers to choose and order their favourite meals just with a few clicks on their mobile device. This has resulted in more and more entrepreneurs grabbing the opportunity to be part of the on-demand industry and invest in food delivery app development or on-demand service app development.

Well, if you find this concept interesting, before investing you would want to know the cost incurred to build on-demand service mobile apps isn’t? Do not worry as this blog would act as an on-demand app development guide for you to know different aspects that determine the cost of your on-demand service app

Introduction To On-Demand Service App

An on-demand service app lets the user place an order for a product/service and get it delivered to their doorstep. For example, meals, rides, house cleaning service and many more.

In short, an on-demand service app is a mediator between users and their requirements.

On-Demand Service App – How Does It Work?

Well, the answer to the question – How does on-demand mobile applications work is simple.

  1. The skills & expertise are listed by a service provider through a Vendor account.

  2. A request is placed by a buyer along with detailed information of the service searched by a specific person

  3. The request from the buyer is answered by a service provider, which lets both parties interact using the built-in messenger in the app.

  4. A buyer makes the payment for the on-demand app services through the payment gateway offered within the app.

  5. The buyers can also post reviews & rate a particular service provider.

What Are The Different Types of On-Demand Service Applications?

Talking about on-demand service mobile apps, they are different from the classification of buyers and sellers. Today, there are 3 primary types of on-demand apps and they are

B2B - Business to business


Companies collaborate with other companies to gain profits. Some of these apps are banking, hiring, transportation services, etc. The best examples of B2B service apps are Eventio, Catalant, and Cargomatic.

C2C- Customer to customer

Here, C2C on-demand mobile apps bring individuals together who offer services to other people. For example, Airbnb to book/rent a flat or Rover which is the best example of a dog walking app development solution wherein the app helps individuals book services to walk their dog.

Popular Categories of On-Demand Service Apps

If you are thinking about launching your on-demand service app, you can consider the following categories.

  • On-demand Logistics Apps

  • On-demand Taxi-hailing Apps

  • On-demand Food Delivery Apps

  • On-demand Telemedicine Apps

  • On-demand Dog Walking Apps

Looking at on-demand service apps from the developer’s perspective the apps act as a platform for sellers and buyers. Hence, the app comprises 3 different panels like :

1. Buyers Panel

This panel/app is meant for buyers wherein customers search for a particular service they want to avail, view pricing, check reviews, and track orders.

2. Service Providers Panel

This app is meant for providers wherein the organisations list their respective services and interact with the clients.

3. Admin Panel

This panel lets you categorise the providers and services, track payments, provide user access, manage feed, etc.

Before you hire an on-demand development firm, check out the must-have features which need to be integrated into your on-demand service app.

  • User registration & profile

  • Filters & lists

  • Map integration

  • Vendor profile & service page

  • Push Notifications

  • Shopping cart & payment gateway

What Would Be The On-Demand App Development Cost To Build A Service App?


Well, calculating the on-demand app development cost is not a straightforward process. It depends on different factors like :

If you want to develop your app from scratch, it would cost more than choosing ready-made solutions. Ready-made solutions not only help save money but also save time as the developers do not need to code from scratch, build modules and test them. Therefore, a lot of alterations can be made to the ready-made design too to give custom look and unique functionality.

Every feature in your app needs specific hours devoted by the developers and the cost of taxi-booking app development like Uber is determined by the modules that would create your app. So, let us work out a rough estimate for an on-demand app. It depends on the main elements like

  • User profile

  • Booking

  • Reviews

  • Geolocation

  • Chat

  • Payment gateways

The cost incurred for the above-mentioned features depends on the standard modules used and the number of hours invested which is approximately 500 hours.

Also, organising everything systematically also needs some extra time. Irrespective of the method you choose to develop your app, ensure that the app meets customer demands in various sectors like, transportation, repair works, and delivery.


Note that the total costs for on-demand service app development, or any other on-demand app development vary with the project.

At Apps on Demand, we firmly believe that on-demand apps are one of the interesting projects a mobile app development services company can get to work on.

With our vast experience in development, maintenance, and enhancing on-demand platforms, we have gathered knowledge that helps us offer innovative solutions to offer growth for your business. We help you take your on-demand service to the next level. Share your vision and ideas and we will analyse your requirements to help you know the estimated cost for your custom or white label app development project.

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