How Are AI And IoT Development Services Driving The Future?
How Are AI And IoT Development Services Driving The Future?
To stay ahead of their business needs, companies are adopting AIoT, a combination of IoT development services and AI ML solutions. Rightly said, the industry is already moving forward from mobile IoT app solutions to take advanced business opportunities. To learn how AI and IoT drive change everywhere, let's read along.

How Are AI And IoT Development Services Driving The Future?

Many businesses are shifting towards IoT development services. But, the innovation and investments are not limited to IoT alone. Top AI ML app development companies are also getting a fair share of the benefit.

How Are AI And IoT Development Services Driving The Future?

Since 2020, IoT and AI ML together formed a fresh round of technological change: Artificial Intelligence of Things (AIoT). Many businesses and client service models started using AIoT to get ahead of their competition and produce lasting results.

The results were so accurate and instant that word spread across industries that AIoT can be the change they want to see.

But before we proceed with how AI and IoT are pairing together for major changes in companies' working, let's understand how AIoT started in the first place.

How did AIoT come into existence?

With over 10 billion mobile IoT app solutions around us, 5G promises to raise that number by more than 64 billion IoT devices worldwide by 2025.

When Jim Goodnight, the godfather of AI, called AI a game-changing addition to the tech world, it became a matter of time before these two game-changing technologies came together to change the world.

AI became the brain to not millions but billions of dumb yet connected IoT devices.

Why do we need AIoT?

Some of the industry experts doubt if we really need AIoT. Even some top IoT app developers also feel so. They are not wrong.

Why do we need AIoT when all the devices can just connect to the cloud and successfully perform all its functions from analyzing to decision making?

This situation may be true for now. But what after IoT devices keep increasing? Will the cloud's computing ability scale with the number of ever-rising IoT devices?

The answer is NO. The next few years will see a mega boom in IoT solutions and services with devices you can't possibly imagine.

No cloud is capable of handling all the computations on its own. We need a new technology like AIoT for dumb IoT devices to have a brain of their own using Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning solutions.

The networks that transfer data to and from the devices and clouds have limited bandwidth. The most advanced communication networks won't be able to handle such huge data explosions made by these IoT devices.

No one can stop it because the cloud poses unpredictable delays in computation and decision-making.

How is AIoT changing the future for everyone?

Suppose autonomous cars need to make a decision to stop the car because someone is crossing the road. Until now, any IoT app development company USA could not solve some issues. Unreliable connectivity, high latency, and low cloud bandwidth make engineering safety in IoT development services challenging.

This is one such example where the need for AIoT is visible. Let’s look at others.

1. Manufacturing

IoT is used to monitor manufacturing equipment. Instead of IoT, if manufacturers deploy AIoT to monitor the equipment, they will have an intelligent solution giving predictive analysis. It will also combine with the industry's inventory, purchasing, and servicing systems much better.

It will help the company to take pre-emptive actions for warehouse management, maintenance, and production floors. Earlier, an IoT app development company could only offer machinery monitoring. With AIoT in charge, less downtime, better efficiency, and lower maintenance costs are just starting.

Factory floor social distancing could also be easily followed as engineers don't have to contact each other constantly.

2. Sales and Marketing

AIoT can deliver personalized campaigns to users based on their activity data which is easily trackable. The company can have advanced and unique solutions to drive sales into the funnel.

Everyone knows that we can use customer insight to create practical marketing campaigns. But, AIoT has started using them to help industries grow to their potential.

Moreover, the catch here is that mobile-based tracking helps companies deliver campaigns inside their stores. It will lead better foot traffic in the stores and make stores easier to navigate. We do not forget the details and personalized marketing for each customer!

3. Automobile

We have already given the example of an autonomous car at the beginning of this section. But, there's more to what AIoT could do in the industry.

With an advanced form of IoT solutions and services, AIoT can predict failures and worn-out automotive parts. This predictive data is available from National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, system warranty, social media, and memory data.

The customers can also use free service checks before the parts fail or need repair. Thus, there are less chances of unexpected car mechanical failures leading to better brand credibility for the automotive owner.


Are you planning to shift to AIoT?

With older ways turning obsolete, a future with AIoT is only possible if the technology users change their thought processes. Top IoT app developers should join hands with AI ML developers to create the change we want at the primary level.

Existing infrastructure needs upgrades, and with it, the focus should be on predicting the behavior of customers, machines, and equipment.

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