Best Visitor Management System
Best Visitor Management System
Apartment security & Visitor Management refers to the system at the gate of an apartment complex or housing society to authenticate each and every individual walking in or out of the gate. Most residential communities also prefer to integrate hardware solutions like biometric, boom barrier, ANPR to the software security solution for all rounded protection.

#1 Apartment & Housing Society Visitor Management System

Apartment security and Visitor Management is the system that authenticates each person who walks in or out of an apartment complex. For all-round protection, most residential communities prefer to incorporate hardware solutions such as boom barrier, ANPR, and biometric to the software security solution.

Visitor Management System Reduce Visitor Check-In/Out Time by 50%. Talk to our product specialists.

The Best Visitor Management Software For Your Gated Communities.

Visitor Management System

  • Be notified about visitors. Pre-authorize expected visitors.

Personal Management

  • Manage your staff - entry, exit, attendance and more.

Emergency Management

  • You can instantly get emergency assistance from your neighbors or guard by pressing a single button

Parcel Management

  • Receive your parcel delivered to Gate with OTP validation

Our Visitor Management Software will replace all the multiple registers at your security gate.

Why do MC members trust ADDA's Visitor Management System and not other systems?

  • Keep one database of tenants and owners.

  • Get alerts on security anomalies with this Visitor Management System Software

  • Save on absentee costs by managing staff details.

  • Gain visibility into security processes and optimize security costs.

  • Accurate data capture at the security gate will prevent theft of inventory, goods and diesel.


Why ADDA is so beloved by residents

  • This free visitor management app will send you instant notifications about visitor arrivals.

  • Stop unwanted visitors entering.

  • Pre-authorize expected visitors. Prevent them from waiting in line at the gate

  • During an emergency, call for immediate assistance from neighbours or security guards.

  • Review the attendance and reviews of your driver, maid or cook.

What people say about Visitor Management System

  • The Society Management App, ADDA, has greatly improved our Maintenance Collection. In just one year, the Maintenance Fee Outstanding was reduced by 65%.

  • ADDA is considered the best housing society management software. It is easy to use and covers all aspects of Society Accounting as well as all other requirements of the Society.

  • Maintenance collection was improved by 60% with the Society Maintenance App, ADDA. The time utilization of property managers and accountants has improved greatly.