BEST Chat APIs SDKs for Android iOS
BEST Chat APIs SDKs for Android iOS
Real-time chat is a powerful way for your business to reach your customers. In terms of customer service,

it allows you to handle inquiries immediately instead of developing a messaging application from scratch. Companies can now easily integrate chat into existing live chat for android apps and websites with a pre-built solution. Next, we'll cover the top 10 chat application programming interfaces (APIs) and SDKs for 2023.

What are Chat APIs?

The Chat API (Application Programming Interface) represents a set of components that access the backend server environment and provide real-time chat capabilities for your applications. Chat APIs can easily be embedded into development documents or the Chat SDK (Software Development Kit). At this point, the latter is a downloadable package that involves developers building out ready-to-use instructions for their applications. Help users communicate with users, businesses with customers, businesses with businesses, or service providers with customers. Chat APIs can help you shape the great chat adjustments that fit your brand.


Top 10 Chat APIs & SDKs Providers of 2023  



ZEGOCLOUD is the No.1 Chat API and SDK provider in our top 10 chat API providers of 2023. ZEGOCLOUD is a leading provider of chat APIs and messaging SDK solutions that enable businesses to build a real-time communications platform with multiple interactive media. The messaging solution provides customizable APIs to integrate multiple communication channels for video, voice, conferencing, and text across the network and mobile applications. The entire chat application can be customized regardless of functionality, design, topics, etc. Their chat API source code is used for various purposes, including healthcare, e-learning, consulting applications, in-game chat, and remote collaboration tools.


·     Create a one-on-one chat with a specific user.

·     View the number of unread messages in the chat and bring the user back to the chat.

·      You can store history messages on the server and retrieve past conversations.

·    Supports push notifications with the server and offline notifications sent to offline users.

·      Multiple users can create private groups and engage in real-time conversations.

·        Chat support for rich media attachments such as images, GIFs, interactions, and files

·       To enable access to a message even when a user is offline or in an unstable network state.

2.     Apphitect


Apphitect is one of the leading providers of chat APIs in the market. Its functions include personal chat, social interaction, push notifications, and so on. With customizable chat capabilities, Apphitect offers the potential for zero downtime for consolidating communication media on Android, iOS, and Web applications. The Apphitect platform also provides virtual communication media such as video conferencing, video calling, screen sharing, etc.


·         Keep your users connected through messaging.

·         Alerts that maximize user attention with the right data right time.

·         Immediately dispatch and accept messages in real time.

·         Share multiple files of any size.

·         Access users to have a fast reply with auto-recommended text.

·         Link with multiple users across several platforms.



3.     Talkjs



Talkjs provides a chat API and SDK that allow developers to easily integrate a chat on Android, iOS, and web applications to chat among users. Their chat APIs provide a full-featured, reliable, scalable, and cross-messaging platform. The APIs work seamlessly with any language and framework, such as React, jQuery, Angular, Laravel, Ruby on Rails, and more. This multi-platform chat framework has advanced features such as typing indicators, robot personality, and user roles. Rich text messages allow you to share voice notes, videos, images, emojis, and files. They also have a robot messaging feature that allows you to have an emergency setting to answer questions when a worker is offline. However, its setup is complicated.


  • It has all the messaging features that are essential for a good user experience.
  • The API makes it easy to manage users, conversations, and UI elements.
  • TalkJS sustains mail, SMS, and browser notices.
  • You have full control over styling, layout, and more with the TalkJS theme.
  • Adjust the interaction between users and view chat activities.
  • It has a pre-built chat UI.


4.     Messagebird


Messagebird offers the possibility of omnichannel communication via a single API. Their APIs provide multiple channels of communication, providing a personalized messaging experience in a seamless thread. They also provide directory integration on third-party applications such as WhatsApp, WeChat, Messenger, SMS, Telegram, and others. Messagebird API can integrate with WhatsApp for commercial purposes to simplify customer support interactions and outbound sales. It is also secure and responsive, making it ideal for financial and e-commerce applications or websites. Its main features include file sharing. Messagebird is easily hosted in the cloud or on-premises; however, a few users experienced delivery failures during the surge period.


  • Unified conversation threads
  • Channel fallbacks
  • Automated follow-ups
  • Voice Call support


5.     Kloudless


Kloudless provides a unified chat API with an endpoint data model that integrates your applications with Slack, the Facebook workplace, and the Microsoft team. To make API consolidation faster, it has a data model to ensure that the request and response data are the same when consolidating. Kloudless also provides an authentication process for password authentication and single token access through different authentication mechanisms. If the company wants to add more functionality, it can do so from open source on GitHub. A prominent feature is a messaging framework that allows companies to create and deploy chatbots. This makes the application useful even if all human users are not online.


  • Real-time notifications
  • Webhooks & event bus messages
  • Tracking of Org-wide activities
  • Unified data models
  • Team API



6.     CONTUS Fly


CONTUS Fly was founded in 2008 by the CONTUS Corporation Group. It started with SMS application development and eventually became a real-time chat API and SDK. The brand was later launched under the name "CONTUS MirrorFly." Its insight is to connect customers and businesses with the features and functions of real-time communications - chat, voice and video - and integrate effortlessly into any mobile and networking application. It is highly customizable, with more than 150 chat features, plus additional customization if your business needs it. The only drawback is that Contus does not offer free trials.


  • Self-hosting infrastructure
  • Best chat SDK for cross-platform
  • The high end of security & scalability with undeniable protocols.



7.     Enablex


Enablex is one of the main providers of communication applications such as video API, voice API, chat API, etc. Their messaging SDKs and chat APIs are equipped with features to drive meaningful conversations across devices and platforms (Android, iOS). Enablex's chat APIs are designed for instant integration with customized features such as functionality, user interface/user experience, device compatibility, and more. Their platforms are equipped from the ground up with AES-based encryption, security standards, and end-to-end encryption to protect each conversation access device.


  • User-friendly interface
  • Excellent customer support
  • Cross-platform compatibility
  • Affordable pricing plans
  • Chat Analysis
  • Threaded conversation
  • Chat Archiving



8.      VONAGE



Vonage makes it easier to communicate via the chat API. Vonage's messaging API, formerly Nexmo, has chat capabilities and APIs that integrate with multimedia, text messaging, and social chat applications such as WhatsApp, Messenger, and more. Their messaging channels can be used on Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, SMS, and other platforms. Multimedia messaging, such as video, audio, and geolocation, can help enhance the communication experience and allow users to participate instantly. To protect sensitive information, Vonage is equipped with JWT authentication.


  • Reach customers on their preferred social channels.
  • Leverage the network to reduce messaging costs.
  • Protect your application with JWT authentication.
  • Efficiently design and try anything you like to build.



9.     Sendbird


Sendbird is one of the world's leading providers of easy-to-use chat APIs and local chat SDKs for corporates. Their chat APIs help consolidates chat into any existing application, regardless of industry. Sendbird's chat application interface helps establish a modern chat and messaging experience with in-app chat integration. Sendbird provides a complete UI kit, including built-in UI components and themes, to customize the user experience of the chat application.


  • Voice and Video APIs 
  • In-app support for On-demand, Marketplace 
  • Online & Offline Messaging
  • Typing Indicators
  • Auto-thumbnail Generator
  • Moderation Tools
  • Auto translation


10.     Pubnub 


It is a feature-rich Chat API for better engagement. Pubnub is one of the popular chat APIs that helps build an in-app messaging experience wherever you want to interact instantly with customers and users. PubNub's chat API is widely used for in-app chat integration to increase user retention and engagement, allowing each user to experience the greatest messaging experience. Their chat API comes with sophisticated auditing tools that maintain the integrity of the community through filters and tools. Pubnub is equipped with private, Group, and channel chat capabilities that deliver information instantly to specific and large audiences.



  • Private chat
  • Multi-party group chat
  • Real-time notifications
  • Ready-made UI components
  • Community chat streams

Final Thoughts:

In a fast-paced lifestyle world, customers choose real-time communication over slow response. As a result, instant messaging has become the gold standard for user-business interaction and daily communication. Chat APIs and SDKs allow companies to implement real-time communication in their applications without lengthy development cycles. While there are a variety of pre-made message packages, your choice should be based on the type of mobile app you are building or already own. Each API also has different features that can be brought into your solution. Make sure you select the Efficient Chat SDK that is appropriate for your business requirements and budget. Based on our analysis, ZEGOCLOUD is considered the best chat API and SDK provider to meet all requirements with the best results.