5 Ways Estheticians Can Help Clients Brighten and Prepare Skin for the Cold Weather Months
5 Ways Estheticians Can Help Clients Brighten and Prepare Skin for the Cold Weather Months
When people think about the times of year that put their skin at risk of irritation and damage, the sunnier months likely come to mind. However, the cold weather months carry their own set of risks. Cold weather itself, drier air, the wind, irritation from fabrics, and more can all be an issue. As an esthetician, prepare your clients with glycolic body wash, dermaplaning treatments, and helpful tips.

It’s natural for people to be concerned about the health and appearance of their skin when the sun is out during warmer weather. However, there are a variety of factors related to cold-weather conditions that can pose definite risks to the skin’s well-being. As an esthetician, you are in an ideal position to help your clients prepare their skin for the risks of cold-weather exposure. Of course, one of the benefits of helping clients with fall and winter skin preparation and protection is that brightening and beautification tend to result. Just be sure you are well-equipped with professional dermaplaning tools for estheticians and high-quality skincare products.

Remind Clients to Hydrate Inside and Out

It’s certainly not the responsibility of an esthetician to engage with their clients about health or wellness issues beyond skincare. However, the health and appearance of the skin are inextricably bound to health in general. Basically, it never hurts to remind your clients to be sure they are doing their best to stay hydrated and healthy during these colder months. You can also introduce them to moisturizing skincare products and point out hydrating ingredients to incorporate into their routines.

Be on the Lookout for Winter Skin Irritation

Consider the combination of factors that can threaten, damage, or irritate skin in the colder months. In addition to the cold itself often being tough on skin, cold weather means dry air, and that means dry skin. The wind is likely to further dry, chap, and redden skin. Your clients are also likely to be wearing more clothing, often of different materials, in the winter. Exposing skin to different fabrics like wool presents a definite irritation risk. Be on the lookout for cold-weather skin irritation and provide clients with tips on how to reduce it. Soothing skincare products will be especially appreciated around this time of year.

Introduce Clients to a Glycolic Body Wash

An effective at-home exfoliation treatment can often work wonders for skin health, feel, and appearance in cold weather. To that end, introduce your clients to a high-quality glycolic body wash. The ideal choice is a gentle glycolic body wash featuring shea butter along with glycolic acid that softens and clarifies for smooth, touchable skin. Be sure it’s free of artificial fragrances or colors, potentially harsh chemicals, and parabens.

Remind Clients the Sun Is Still There

It’s also worth reminding clients that while the cold weather presents its own distinctive skin irritation and damage risks, its warmer weather counterparts have not entirely disappeared. Sun protection should remain a priority for your clients, even in the winter months. Remind your clientele to continue using SPF protection, including for lip care, even when the temps have dropped.

Get Clients in for Dermaplaning Treatments

It’s hard to beat a professional dermaplaning session to refresh and help rejuvenate skin for the coming cold. For one, there are the smoothing and evening exfoliating benefits of the process itself. Then there’s the way that dermaplaning makes the skin more receptive to a more even spread and uniform absorption of skincare products. Make it a priority to stock up on professional dermaplaning tool kits, and encourage your clients to make dermaplaning a priority. Finally, be sure they are equipped with at-home products for an effective, supportive moisturizing regimen before they leave.

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