Rhassoul Clay Body Mask Recipes
Rhassoul Clay Body Mask Recipes
Rhassoul clay is rich in minerals and essential elements, many of which have skin-healing properties. After utilizing these recipes, your skin will regenerate, regaining its previous clarity and shine. Look no further than Veda Oils if you're looking for the greatest rhassoul clay! We've got your back.


The raw, naturally dried clay has a velvety texture and many benefits for skin and hair, many of which have been shown scientifically through experiments and clinical testing. The greatest and simplest ways to use rhassoul clay for your entire body are listed below. Read on.



Step 1: Run a warm bath, add a cup of rhassoul clay, ten drops of pure eucalyptus essential oil, and ten drops of pure rose essential oil while the water runs.

Step 2: Pour it into the running water, and then wait for it to spread.

Step 3: Take as long as you want to soak to experience the excellent cleansing and soothing effects.

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