Real estate developer in Gurugram - Building a better lifestyle for society with quality construction and luxurious amenities at affordable prices.


Affordable housing is for those people who belong to the low-income section of society. The affordable homes in Gurugram are designed for people coming from middle-class and lower-middle-class families who work in different sectors, have travelled from rural areas, and seek to find a place in the urban areas. These places are on the verge of rapid development and growth. People from the low-income section of society see affordable housing as an opportunity to improve their lifestyle. 

Affordable housing proves to be the best option for them to fulfill their desires. These housing schemes are convenient for this section because of their affordability. This means that prices are convenient and don’t have any adverse effects on the buyer’s pocket. Instead, they are able to afford a quality lifestyle when they start to live in affordable housing because of the stability that these homes have the full capacity to offer. 


Haryana is recognized as one of the fastest-growing states of India. With an urban population growing rapidly, the real estate of the state has also been catching up with several state-of-the-art townships and urban establishments. Haryana is at the forefront when it comes to opportunities including entrepreneurship, urban development, and apartment buying. In the view of forming harmony amongst the estate developers and buyers, the Haryana Government set up Real Estate Regulatory Authority (RERA) where the focus lies on facilitating the growing real estate market and protecting the rights of apartment buyers. The scheme recognizes Gurugram and the rest of the state distinctly. MRG World includes projects that come under Haryana RERA.

Buying a house in Gurugram is a suitable fit for low-income families because of its pocket-friendly quality. Affordable homes in Gurugram are built with great construction techniques and material making them a strong fit. It is these qualities that make a property trustworthy and buyers are able to rely on them to lead a life of quality and comfort. The millennium city Gurugram offers a wide range of opportunities from settlement to employment options. Being a major employment hub in North India, people are drawn towards the limelight that this city offers. Not just within Gurugram, but around the city as well, offers a great range of opportunities for people to start or grow their professional lives.

The affordable housing in Gurugram is surrounded by major commercial properties in the city. Proximity to these prime sectors offers several amenities, various food destinations. Entertainment options, luxury items, etc.


For the lower-income sections, owning a home is no longer a dream they cannot fulfil. Affordable homes will make it happen for them. Affordable homes in Gurugram are supported by the government scheme. The government has introduced policies like the Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojna intending to fulfil the desire of “Housing for all by 2022”.

In Gurugram, it may not be difficult to own a home but selecting a residential property is a lot of effort because of the rising prices and locations that are not ideal for a family. MRG world offers affordable housing with top-notch facilities and location benefits. Investing in a property that is located in the prime destination Gurugram is beneficial for the future as well. 

As the area is highly equipped with the latest lifestyle and healthcare facilities. Such properties remain in demand most of the time which makes it convenient to rent them as well. Most of the major destinations of the city and around are well connected with MRG world affordable housing in Gurugram:

• 2.5 km from Dwarka Expressway
• 2 km from National Highway
• 12 km from AIIMS Jhajjar
• SGT University and Sharda International School
• IGI Airport Via Dwarka Expressway
• IMT Road just 200 meters away

The benefits within the property make a huge difference. MRG World offers several residential benefits that make it convenient for the buyers to invest and have the future of their families secured. Families coming from the financially weaker sections can avail themselves of benefits like:

• 5 years no maintenance charge
• Up to 90% loan offered by all banks
• Comes under Pradhan Mantri Awas Yojana (PMAY)
• Licensed Country Planning Government of Haryana
• Get possession within 4 years


In addition to the policies and schemes that make it easy to invest, the affordable housing in Gurugram also comes with other basic amenities that add quality to a lifestyle. These amenities increase the desirability of a place. They invite different parts of the society to come together and that promotes engagement amongst the people. They provide spaces that promote the overall well-being of an individual like kid play areas, sports facilities, gardens, parks, security facilities, etc.



MRG World Amenities:



• Badminton and tennis court, for those who love to play or want to learn.
• Community centre and yoga promote a healthy mind and body.
• Free parking with high safety and privacy.
• Cycle track for kids and adults.
• Play area for kids to make them creative and imaginative.
• Jogging track for a good run.
• Lush green park offers peace.
• Gated complex, CCTV, and 24×7 security


With so much to offer, affordable homes in Gurugram are all set to provide for a quality life for those in need. Families with low income can improve their way of life, reach better employment opportunities, and in turn offer better to their families and society as well.