Use Custom Rigid Boxes And Take Your Brand To The Next Level
Use Custom Rigid Boxes And Take Your Brand To The Next Level
The rigid paperboard packaging material is one of the most luxurious options of paper packaging materials. It is made using a combination of different types of paper pulp and cardboards.

Custom Rigid Boxes

The rigid paperboard packaging material is one of the most luxurious options of paper packaging materials. It is made using a combination of different types of paper pulp and cardboards. To form a strong sheet, the process of wet pressing is used. In this process, water-based or hot melt adhesives are used, which provides a waterproofing effect as well as good binding qualities. Rigid boxes are strong and sturdy, so they don't get damaged easily.

Why Use Rigid Boxes?

Top companies of the world are using these boxes for packing their products. They are made in different colors and patterns to meet the product's specific needs inside them. The rigid paperboard packaging material is eco-friendly, too, as it does not cause any harm to nature while manufacturing. It is also recyclable and reusable.

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Customization Options For Rigid Boxes

There are various customization options for rigid boxes. You can choose the box's color, design, and shape according to your requirement. You can get your logo or brand name printed on it. Custom printed rigid boxes are used to attract customers and satisfy their needs. If you are looking for a unique packaging solution, then the custom printed rigid boxes would be an ideal choice for you.

However, you can apply other customizations on custom printed rigid boxes to take them to a greater level. Add-ons and finishing coats can be used to make them look more appealing and professional. You can also use embossing, debossing, foil stamping, spot UV, and window patching to enhance their appearance.

Let's discuss these options in detail.

Embossing And Debossing

The printing and packaging industry uses embossing and debossing techniques to give a realistic look to their products. Embossing and debossing provide three-dimensional effects, making the custom rigid boxes more attractive than before. This method works as an added advantage for rigid boxes as it can be done without any problem due to the relative thickness of the rigid material.

Foil Stamping

This add-on is used to add metallic effects to the boxes. It is very popular in the packaging industry as it provides a luxurious look to the boxes. Foil stamping can be done on both sides of the rigid box and in different colors too. You can choose from metals like gold, silver, copper, etc., to make the rigid boxes look more elegant and trendy.

Spot Uv Coating

This process gives a glossy effect to the printed box by adding real luster. Spot UV coating is done on specific areas of the custom rigid boxes to give them a unique look. It can only be done with printing processes like screen printing and offset printing.

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Window Patching

Window patching is the process of adding a transparent window to the rigid box. This window can be in any shape and size as per your requirement. It is an excellent way to showcase the product inside the box. The window patching process uses a special type of adhesive film.

Debossing, Spot UV coating, and window patching are used to highlight the logo or brand name on the custom rigid boxes. Make sure that you use these add-ons at the right place in order to make your products look more appealing. Explore your creativity by using different types of finishing coats with embossing and debossing to make your rigid boxes look more professional.

Speaking of finishing coats...

Finishing Coats For Rigid Boxes

Finishing coats help retail boxes to look more professional and elegant. You can choose from a wide range of coating options like matte lamination, gloss lamination, varnish, and soft-touch coating. Let's see how these finishing coats can help you create exceptional custom rigid boxes.

Matte Lamination

Matte lamination gives a dull finish to the rigid boxes. It is a great way to hide any unwanted printing mistakes on the boxes. Matte lamination is also used to protect against scratches and fingerprints.

Gloss Lamination

This finishing coat provides a shiny and glossy effect to the custom rigid boxes. It is a great way to highlight the printed designs and logos on the rigid boxes. Gloss lamination is popular for its shiny and crystal clear finish, which makes the custom boxes look attractive and unique.

Varnish Coating

Varnish coating is applied as a finishing coat to give the rigid boxes an extra layer of protection. This process creates a hard and shiny surface on the boxes. It also makes the colors look more vibrant and attractive.

Soft-Touch Coating

This finishing coat gives a soft and smooth feel to rigid boxes. It is perfect for products that need to be handled with care. The soft-touch coating protects the boxes from scratches, fingerprints, and other damages.

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So, these are some of the most popular finishing coats which can be used to enhance the appearance of your custom rigid boxes. Make sure that you choose the right coat according to your need and requirement. It will help you create a more professional and appealing look for your products.

In conclusion, custom rigid boxes can be a great way to showcase your products more appealingly. You can use different finishing coats to make them look more professional and elegant. Finishing coats also help in providing extra protection to the boxes. So, choose the right type of finishing coat and create beautiful custom rigid boxes for your business.