Why React Ecommerce Templates?
Why React Ecommerce Templates?
React is the most popular library for the development of e-commerce applications. React templates for building eCommerce apps are the combination of several components and elements. These small components are packed in containers and then they form the user interface of the React app. React templates for building eCommerce sites act as a blueprint for developers.

React Ecommerce Templates

React Ecommerce Templates

 Reactis the most popular library for the development of e-commerce applications.React templates for building eCommerce apps are the combination of severalcomponents and elements. These small components are packed in containers andthen they form the user interface of the React app. React templates forbuilding eCommerce sites act as a blueprint for developers.

ReacteCommerce templates are dynamic and versatile and they can be used for buildingan exclusive React app for eCommerce. These templates are completelycustomizable and can take any shape as you specify them. As the front end ofyour Reactapp will indicate the quality of your services. It is essential thatyou should design a scalable system to emancipate your business.

ReacteCommerce templates significantly improve your speed while Reactnative app development services. You can find dedicatedtemplates that are meant for providing value to your needs. Also, you do notneed to make lots of changes to meet your requirements.

Why React Ecommerce Templates?

TherReact library has numerous templates for eCommerce development. While workingin such templates you can modify each template according to your needindependently. That means you are free to change any element on the UI withoutaffecting other elements. This avoids the need for rendering the entire page everytime you modify an element from the interface.

Everytemplate in the react library is comprehensive and can be copied to anothertemplate That gives flexibility to a developer. Sometimes creating an interfacefor eCommerce sites becomes very confusing. In such cases, these templates actas a starting point or inspiration for development.

  Top React Ecommerce Templates

1. Molla

Molla isa fully-featured library for the development of excellent user interfaces andUX. This template library is loaded with a vast set of tools and features fromwhich you can create an interface for the eCommerce app. Also with the help ofthis template the app developed can have amazing features and performance. Thistemplate provides you 20 sample eCommerce sites from which you can takereference for your ideas.

Molla isvery convenient for getting a response and has a basic design architecture. Ithas a simple interface that is quick to understand and operate. It alsosupports full width strips layouts for the app. Molla provides access to avaried number of icons that are used in the eCommerce business. You can makeyour react app to display the latest products and services in an interactivemanner.

Thistemplate can be used in several browsers and can have several animations ortransitions for making the app interesting.

2. Novine

Novine isa simplified and interesting library that provides templates for eCommerceapps. Novine has enabled developers to use react.js, Next.js, React-Redux,ES6+, Sass as well as Bootstrap 4. This template library is used for thedevelopment of modern eCommerce sites that have excellent responsivecapabilities. It has 4 demo react apps to understand the features.

Novinealso has support in payment methods with the use of the latest strip methods.The documentation for this template is very detailed and includes everythingthat this template can do. Also, the components in this template provided by itare easy for modification. In addition to these features, there are a number offunctionalities this template can provide you.

Thesource code of the template is simpler to handle and customize. It has supportfor a varied number of transitions and animations for every element you add tothe app interface.

3. Livani

Livani isa clean and interactive template that is used for making scalable and modernreact apps for eCommerce. This template is developed with the utility ofFirebase Firestore, Firebase Auth, Express js, etc. it also includes stripe,and express js. Livani template offers a developer all the tools that arerequired for the development of eCommerce apps. Such apps developed from thistemplate are capable of competing in the growing competition of severalindustries.

It hasmore than 5 sample apps, integration to payment methods, and also it is RetinaReady. The most exclusive feature is that the code of the Livani template isSEO optimized. You can also involve multiple fonts through google, interestinganimation, and sliders for many actions. This liberty supports sliders andinteractive text boxes for providing a responsive layout.

You canget the license of this template with a minimal fee of $ 29.

4. Lezada

With theuse of Lezada, you can create extremely sleek and creative eCommerce sites. Itis used for multipurpose website designs involving all the features at once inthe app. This has all the high-quality features and functionalities that youmay require for the Reactjsdevelopment services of a scalable eCommerce website. It supports more than 3 headers,25+ sections ability, and more than 3 footer patterns.

Lezada isdesigned with the combination of HTML 5, Redux, react, WC3, and many moreframeworks. It offers you to operate your website over multiple web browserswithout a lack of performance. This is an excellent template for creating awebsite for product review and description because of the optimized functionsof the temples. Lezada creates smart websites that are SEO optimized for thesource code.

With allthe features and capabilities Lezada is a feature-full template gallery for thedevelopment of eCommerce that can generate a majority of engagement.


Rick is areactJs template for developing eCommerce apps for mobile devices. This hasexcellent templates for the development of product selling apps for mobiles.You can use this template to create dynamic apps for selling accessories,digital products, and services. Along with this, the components in thistemplate are made for customization. Hence you can modify the basic structureof the template according to your own requirements.

Rick hassupport for many google fonts and has cross-platform capabilities. You cancreate remarkable websites that can grow your business significantly. Thestructure of the template is very organized so you don’t get confused whilemaking the changes. It too has SEO optimization and no cost updates on thetemplates. You can purchase the license for using the Rick template for just 24USD.


Multikaris a popular template for designing an eCommerce app with the help of react. Ithas renowned for its use of creations of online stores for selling variousthings. This template has special optimization for using the eCommerce app inmobile devices. Also, this template is suggested for new enterprises becausethe development with their templates is very fast.

The majorcapability of Multikart is to make payments through Paypal and with otherpayment methods. It offers an authentication service that protects your websiteagainst bots and unauthorized users. If you are developing a large eCommerceapp with a number of products this template can be your choice. This has aninfinite scroll that can display all your products at once. Multikart supportsseveral currencies.


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