When and why to integrate salesforce with your Magento store?
When and why to integrate salesforce with your Magento store?
Even after putting in immense effort, many eCommerce stores fail to build a rapport with their customers. Failing to do so leads to unsatisfied customer experiences and poor sales performance.
Businesses may find that their customers are leaving them or may even find it hard to turn their prospects into customers. Both means loss of sales and dip in market presence. In short, all these does not sound good.

This means businesses need to work towards improving the way customers are handled and should ensure they are managed in the best possible way keeping business interests in mind. 

But, how can it be done?
By integrating right CRM solution like Salesforce into your Magento store to manage customers efficiently. 

Salesforce integration into the Magento store offers a number of distinctive benefits to the business like:

1. Organize customer profiles
2. Create email campaigns
3. Customize customer journey
4. Boosts productivity and efficiency
5. Put sales analytics to use
6. Automatic data synchronization
So, if your eCommerce store is too failing to entice customers and lead them towards closing sales then it is high time you go for Salesforce and choose Mage Monkeys for a smoother integration.

Mage Monkeys have a team of dedicated Salesforce experts who have worked with different eCommerce stores and are very well trained in carrying out the integration without affecting the performance of the Magento store. Whether it is about nurturing your leads and convert them into sales or offering enhanced customer experience, our team will help you get ahead with right Magento-Salesforce integration services.
If you want to hire Magento experts to carry out Salesforce integration for your eCommerce store.