Illuminate your Business with a high potential Solstarter Clone!!!
Illuminate your Business with a high potential Solstarter Clone!!!
Gather the finest technology with your Solstarter clone for your Business

The technological stacks are highly improving, and there is a huge mania in the market for digital art, collection, crypto, NFTs, and trading. The Business evolving them are also highly competitive in the blockchain market, irrespective of opening wide spectrums with jarring business opportunities. And here, Funding is something a business would lack, and that can be now compensated with your ideal platform. Develop your Solstarter clone with INORU and provide Business that can eventually take you to soar heights. 


What is Solstater Clone? 

A fundraising IDO platform with highly competitive energy and opportunities providing the Business its need and the investors the right business to turn in increased revenue, Solstarter Like IDO Launchpad can be the ideal choice. Moreover, this platform brings investors and Business together and help them identify the potential future for each other. 

At INORU, we help you develop a customized version of the Solstarter clone with improved abilities and functionalities in the niche. This Solstarter clone can be molded and revamped to perform the best for your Business and track in good revenue. By developing your IDO launchpad on Solana blockchain, something similar to the Solstarter, you can easily embed the Business the way you want it to perform with it.

This IDO launchpad is a super cool aspect. This allows Businesses to get their exclusive token developed and list it for sales to gain revenue. This is a fair act to gain liquidity for the Business. Investors can make trustworthy investments similarly. The Business also gained increased traction for listing their primary tokens in the platform like Solstarter. 



Working on the solstarter clone:

The platform is an incubating for users vitalized on the tier-based system, where the projects all undergo the KYC process, and only after fulfilling the requirements do they gain the best resources. The project's tokens are divided into participants, which is based on the number of tokens owned by the Solstarter. The process goes on three consistent rounds,  

Round 1 -  The holders in IDO will have to stake 5000 SOS tokens to enter the pool system along with the tier. 

Round 2 - This starts when there are any remaining unsold tokens left out in the first round. This goes on the first-come, first-serve method that starts from the highest to the lowest.

Round 3 - This level opens to the public, to everyone without any capped purchase limit for the remaining project tokens. 


Build Your Solstarter Clone With INORU:

At INORU, we give you customized white label solutions for your business tool. You can launch this pre-made IDO launchpad at the easiest and gain huge traffic, listing new startups and ideas. Reach out to INORU to know more about the development process, cost, and other details about the Solstarter Clone. 


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