How to Treat Your Intimates with Care
How to Treat Your Intimates with Care
Do you give your bras and underwear special treatment, or do you toss them in the washer and dryer without thinking much about it? Your high-quality intimates deserve extra care and attention, so they last longer and keep their structure, whether they’re a balconette or half bra style. If your intimates have seen better days, it might also be time to replenish your collection.

If you own nice bras and panties and want to keep them that way for as long as possible, you probably know you can’t treat them like your sweats and socks. Although we don’t talk about how we wash our intimates all that often, it’s important to give your “delicates” special care so they keep their structure and last longer. Compared to the rest of your wardrobe, bras and underwear need a little extra care and love. Keep them looking pretty with the following tips.

Wash By Hand If Possible

Treat your intimates with care. Even high-performing, lightweight, minimal materials designed to support your shape might not love repeated hot washing machine cycles. This can lead to bent wires, rips, and fading. Instead, try hand-washing your pieces gently in warm water to help them keep their shape. If you do end up putting your bras in the washing machine, put them in a mesh bag to protect them from getting damaged and use a delicate setting on the machine. Some brands will even provide you with a mesh bag with the purchase of a bra.

You can apply the same rules to your underwear by either hand-washing them or using a mesh bag. Avoid bleaches and other chemicals to help preserve the rich colors of your intimates. Tip: You don’t need to wash your 34B bras, or whatever your size is, after one wear. Just remember to wash them as needed, and you’ll be good.

Air Dry

The dryer can also do damage to your intimates. Fortunately, if your bras are made of lightweight power mesh or microfiber, they can dry quickly on their own. If possible, let them line-dry outside or air dry them inside by laying them flat on a towel. Avoid the rough tumble of the dryer if you can help it. Paying attention to washing and drying details can help keep the balconette or half bra styles (and all of your bra silhouettes) in excellent condition.

You can line dry your soft modal cotton panties too. It’s the type of material that dries quickly. You may give them a quick touch of low heat in the dryer if you don’t have time, though.

When It’s Time to Buy New Intimates

All good things eventually come to an end. If you have bras with broken hooks or straps or ones that are simply stretched out beyond recognition, it’s time to replace them. You need your bras and underwear to perform their best work for you. Taking good care of them will help prolong their life, but normal wear and tear may require you to replace them after six to nine months. Some of it depends on how often you are wearing them. Having a variety of high-quality intimates to rotate through will also help with their longevity.

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