Best Lawyer in Dubai
Best Lawyer in Dubai
Best Law Firm - Dr. Hassan Elhais is professional lawyer in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. Advocate Hassan Elhais is specialized in criminal, divorce, family legal consultants & Property Law. Dr. Elhais Legal Consultant in Dubai - Advocate Lawyer

When Do You Need a Lawyer?

Car accidents to disputes with the neighbour, from estate plan or legal document drafting, several situations could lead you to wonder whether you will need help from the best lawyer in Dubai or will you be able to solve things on your own. But when you want to go down the legal route, the law and the legal system can get complex and hard to understand. You may find it difficult to resolve your issue when you will be confused about which area of law should you be consulting, whether you will need to visit the court, etc. Therefore, here, we discuss the advantages of seeking help from a lawyer and the confidence they can give you to help you resolve the issue.

Reasons you should hire a lawyer:

1) Understanding the law is very complicated and would be best left with the professional lawyers

2) Not appointing a lawyer may prove to be more expensive

3) Lawyers are experienced enough to challenge the pieces of evidence appropriately.

4) A small mistake, while filing the document or following a wrong procedure, could potentially ruin your case.

5) Lawyers have access to witnesses and experts that can help you with your case

6) A lawyer can explain to you all your options and help you avoid potentially severe penalties by presenting your strongest case.

7) Hiring a lawyer can help you avoid potential legal issues you might face down the road.

8) A lawyer's experience will know how to negotiate settlements and plea bargains.

9) The other party has legal representation, probably

10) Free consultation.

Choosing the right law firm:

There are many law firms in the UAE with advocates and legal consultant that are best with their style. If the firm has advocacy and legal consultancy license, it means that they have both - Arabic and local advocates. Such licences allow advocates to appear in criminal investigation and criminal cases. Many law firms in the UAE have legal consultancy license only, which does not allow working lawyers to appear in court. However, they still are allowed in DIFC courts. It is important to note that it is not possible to find criminal lawyers and legal consultant firm itself doesn't have the right to appear in criminal court or criminal cases. The client can easily find out if a law firm has the right for court audience, has criminal lawyers, or can appear in the courts from the trade name. If the trade name has the word advocates and legal consultancy, then they have the right for court audience.

How to find a good lawyer?

You can find a good lawyer through personal referrals, or through online services where you can learn more about the law firm. Through online services, you will able to find answers to your questions and even get contact information, from which you can contact the lawyer directly. Check for law firm's reputation and their experience in the field. Make sure you are hiring the best law firm in UAE, like Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal Consultants

Al Rowaad Advocates and Legal Consultants with its local and Arab speaking lawyers have the right court audience in UAE courts and criminal investigations. Top law firms have instructed our law firm in Dubai in plenty of legal cases on behalf of their clients. We have been previously instructed in many cases with numerous corporate lawyers in Dubai and In-House Counsels. Whether in our office in Dubai or our branch law firm in Abu Dhabi, we have a dedicated team of advocates In UAE who have provided expert service to hundreds of clients.