Best {2021} Prom Limousine Service for Prom Night | DC VA & MD
Best {2021} Prom Limousine Service for Prom Night | DC VA & MD
If you are a teenager living in Washington DC, Virginia or Maryland, who is tired of the same old model car services and want something better for the prom night to stand out.

If you are a teenager living in Washington DCVirginia or Maryland, who is tired of the same old model car services and want something better for the prom night to stand out.

Best Prom Limousine Service is the right answer for your Prom night.

You need to do something bold to hold onto that moment of awe a little longer. All these years in school, you may not have been the most popular person, but prom is the night to change everything about yourself.

You want to Look slick and spend the night with your date as you own it. Hence take a step back and hire one of the elite class best limo services in Washington Dc, Virginia, and Maryland to spice things up on your Prom night.

Think about the good time you and your date will experience if you hire this luxurious limo service. There is a wide range of vehicles available for prom parties from which you can choose according to your taste.

Prom limo cost depends on a few factors. Such as the number of passengers, time of booking and for how long is the car needed. If you are planning to book a prom limo right before the event, then you are making mistake. It is ideal to hire, prom limo at least three to four months before the event.

For customers ease, the Best Limo offers 4 and 6-hour prom limo packages at competitive rates. These packages are invented to keep your transportation budget minimum. There is no hard and fast rule on how long you can book the prom limo. If you need the Prom limo for more than 6 hours, then we will charge you per hour.

We take pride in maintaining the quality of our service at reasonable prices. Please take a look at our competitive rates and book a prom limo according to your need and budget.

# Prom Limo Rate
1 8 Passengers Limo $75/hour
2 10 Passengers Limo $80/hour
3 12 Passengers Hummer Limo $100/hour
4 14 Passengers Hummer Limo $115/hour
5 16 Passengers Hummer Limo $125/hour
6 16 Passengers Escalade Limo $125/hour
7 14 Passengers Rolls Royce Limo $125/hour
8 20 Passengers Limo $130/hour
9 25 Passengers Party Bus $135/hour
10 4 Passengers Sedan $50/Hour

Regardless of the model, choose your favourite prom limo according to the number of people who will be travelling along with you.

All the models are the latest and are not available by any other prom rental service company. For example

Prom Limousine Service in Washington DC & Virginia

This eye-catching Prom Limousine Service in Maryland, WashingtonDC and Virginia for prom night goes beyond convenience. limousine service In Annandale Virginia considers you and your parent's expectations more than anything else. Keeping in mind, how parents get all worked up about your whereabouts, this company provide you with a licensed, uniformed, professional limo driver with amazing driving skill and definitely reliable.

The driver care about your safety first hence keeps your parents updated about your journey if needed. In front of your date, they will never let you down and will show the best passenger-handling attitude.

These best limo prom cars are eye-watering hot and look expensive, however, to your surprise as compared to other Limo companies; their rates are incredibly affordable for students. We offer special discount party limo packages for prom Limousine Service on your prom night.

Since you and your data will be in a celebrating mood on the prom night, all the above-mentioned cars are furnished with the latest technology. According to your demand, the inside of the limo can be decorated with balloons. There are colourful lights on the floor as well as in the ceiling of the car.

All the windows are tinted to avoid unwanted gazes. TV/DVD/CD is available to entertain your guests with the latest songs/movies. You can play your own playlist by connecting your Android and iPhone or any other AUXcompatible player.

To give you and your date some private time, a Privacy divider is present. The trained chauffeurs are clever enough to not spoil your special moments. Amazingly, the best limo service provides you with refreshments. There is a wide shelf containing a large range of beverages.

You can enjoy the top-class non-alcoholic champagne collection while on your way to/from prom. Ice cubes and glasses are on the house. Not every Limo Company on the market provides you with the best beverages. Feel free to bring your own booze.

In short, you can turn your travel time into party time within a second. By renting the best prom party limo service, you will definitely make an impression at the Prom Party.

Best limo service for Prom in Maryland, Virginia and WashingtonDC can be hired in advance by hourly or as the point to point transfer. The Prom limo service can be booked online or in person. Best Limo is easy to coordinate always welcome to discuss the detailed plan of your prom night. We have the latest model vehicle along with well-trained chauffeurs to serve you in the best possible way.

You can select the ideal size of the prom limo according to the number of passengers of your prom party. There is definitely no better option than the Prom limousine service.