4 Major Polymer Clay Sculpting Tools to Have for Your Art
4 Major Polymer Clay Sculpting Tools to Have for Your Art
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4 Major Polymer Clay Sculpting Tools to Have for Your Art

Polymer clay has become the latest item if you want to spend your free time relaxing and refreshing in your home. Apart from being a hobby, polymer clay is also a part of creating professional items. However, the profession requires polymer clay sculpting tools to craft the sculpture.

Out of all the tools available in the market, here are 4 major tools that you should have for polymer clay art.

  1. Stylus

These are the metal rods that have a small ball at one of their ends. It is used for dotting, making textures and also to pick and blending clay.

  1. Silicone tools

These tools come in many different shapes and sizes but for the same purpose. They are used to make the clay joints smooth, shape and size small clay parts and also to soften the clay edge.

  1. Skewers

It is a tool that has a sharp edge. It is usually used as a pick tool to make holes and to add textures. It is one of the most useful and is an essential item if you want to make crafts.

  1. Toothbrushes

The toothbrush is used to make the clay parts soft and also to add textures. People think that the toothbrush is to clean the clay, but actually it is used to make sculptures.


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