WhatsApp Business API Service
WhatsApp Business API Service
With 1.6 billion monthly active users, WhatsApp is the most popular global instant messaging app. Your customers are waiting for your business to go live on WhatsApp and bridge the distance.


Sign up for a free SpaceEdge Technology account, enter your API key, and start messaging with the WhatsApp API today. Before you can send messages to your customers using the WhatsApp API, you need to generate a WhatsApp API key and link your WhatsApp business account to WhatsApp CRM. Integrating the WhatsApp Business API into your website or software will help you gain almost unlimited access to customer support or other messaging services.    

Companies are integrating the WhatsApp Business API Service into their customer communications software. The idea is for companies to take the WhatsApp API endpoint and integrate it into their business software to be able to seamlessly interact with their customers. Typically, companies using the WhatsApp Business API partner with solution providers to help make it easier to integrate their WhatsApp Business API with customer back-end systems.    

The main role of Facebook messaging partners is to host the WhatsApp Business API on a dedicated server for each company and by a specific list of requirements that WhatsApp dictates to ensure the availability and security of the service. As for WhatsApp solution providers, Facebook is expanding the list of business-supporting vendors into two categories: BSPs and ISVs. Apart from WhatsApp, WhatsApp has two business options.    

Companies are also increasingly turning to WhatsApp to communicate with customers on their favorite channel. Because around 2017-2018, in Africa, Latin America, and Southeast Asia, small businesses started ignoring emails entirely and started using their WhatsApp accounts as their primary way of communicating with customers.    

A WhatsApp survey found that 75% of users in some major countries said they wanted to communicate with businesses via messaging. WhatsApp has over 2 billion active users and over 5 million businesses that use the app to advance their marketing, sales, and customer service strategies. WhatsApp is available for free for Android and iPhone and includes basic support features such as quick replies, shortcuts, and a company profile.    

Just like any other communication channel, WhatsApp is not self-contained and you need to integrate it with a third-party solution to get the expected benefits. Whether you want to use WhatsApp to generate leads, serve customers, or encourage user engagement through a combination of live agents and chatbots, the WhatsApp Integration API is the way to go. With over 1.5 billion people in 180 countries using the WhatsApp messaging app every day, using WhatsApp to interact with customers is a smart business decision.    

The WhatsApp Business API will help small and medium businesses communicate with customers around the world so they can easily, securely, and reliably connect to WhatsApp. With the transition to the cloud, WhatsApp Business API integration will reduce setup time from weeks to minutes, WhatsApp says, so businesses can quickly switch to the WhatsApp API platform to connect with their customers who have opted in to receive their messages.    

WhatsApp says customers receiving messages from businesses receiving business will see an informational message at the top of the conversation informing them that this is different than messaging with friends or family (which is fully encrypted). This allows customers to contact your WhatsApp business after clicking the "Send Message" button on your Facebook or Instagram ad. This way you can continue the WhatsApp conversation instead of asking the customer to call or send an email. You can even send WhatsApp templates with clickable buttons to continue the conversation.    

WhatsApp wants to prevent businesses from using message templates to send promotional content in bulk to customers outside the 24-hour service window. The WhatsApp Business API has a message rate limiting model of 15 messages per second as extra protection against sending promotional content, so don't get away with thinking that you can send promotional content through the WhatsApp Business API. The WhatsApp Business API has a feature that allows you to verify that a customer's phone number is a valid WhatsApp account before sending a message.    

Connect can be especially useful when customers use other channels such as email or phone. The WhatsApp Business API stores WhatsApp messages as part of a customer's overall conversation, for example, if the customer contacts by phone and then switches to WhatsApp to continue the conversation. Unlike the WhatsApp for Business app, the WhatsApp Business API allows users to connect WhatsApp to customer support software like Zendesk to scale customer service, which means being able to handle much higher volumes of messages (through monitoring and prioritization).    

For example, Zendesk includes WhatsApp Business API spending, which means businesses spend less time thinking about costs and more on how best to use the WhatsApp Business API to improve the customer experience. The price of unlimited usage is quite attractive and is considered hassle-free for businesses that don't want to worry about the number of customers or messages per conversation.    

Based on our analysis, we do not recommend a per-session pricing model and prefer unlimited usage pricing if your business has more than 4,000 customers per month on WhatsApp. If you are sure that your business will serve more than 4,000 customers per month on WhatsApp, such a fixed price with unlimited usage will be ideal for your business. The per-session pricing model can be interesting if you can predict the number of customers you have on WhatsApp.    

Businesses will have to pay to send WhatsApp broadcasts or notifications with a notification-based pricing model. While not required, upgrading the level is recommended for businesses that want to use the WhatsApp API to send notifications and broadcasts. Leave the competition behind and be one of the first companies to support your customers on WhatsApp.


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