What is White Hat SEO?
What is White Hat SEO?
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White Hat SEO is a term that has been floating around for a while, but what does it mean? Many people have different opinions on what White Hat SEO means. Some say it uses not considered spammy techniques and will not get your site penalized by search engines. Others say White Hat SEO refers to any technique used to improve ranking without violating the search engine's guidelines or terms of service. The truth is, there are no set definitions for what White Hat SEO means because what may be white hat SEO for one person could be black hat SEO to another.


In 2007 writing articles was considered White Hat SEO because it helped websites rank higher and obtain more organic traffic from Google. In recent years, however, there has been an increase in people who will write low-quality spammy content that only uses keywords with no value-added just for ranking purposes rather than attracting natural links, which can improve rankings long term without hurting your website's visibility on SERPs like paid ads do (which often contain spam). So what once used to be acceptable and even encouraged may now get you penalized by certain search engines such as Google if overused.


There isn't a certain time where what is white hat changes; it's just what search engines consider spam right now. So, if you are using any technique to improve your website ranking in the SERPs and there is no rule against it yet, chances are what you're doing will be considered White Hat SEO until they update their guidelines or regulations for what is not acceptable.