Top 5 Best Online Quiz Makers tools in 2022
Top 5 Best Online Quiz Makers tools in 2022
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Do you want to incorporate the best online quiz makers on your website? If yes, then you have arrived at precisely the right place. Continue to browse this article to zero in on the best online quiz makers for your web business. Here is the task made more manageable by providing a no-holds-barred comparison of the best online quiz makers to suit your client’s preference. Rest assured, these quiz makers will ensure that your clients remain engaged and grow by leaps and bounds in the years to come. Interact is the best online quiz-making tool in 2022. It also offers the best services to generate leads with quizzes at an affordable price. Also, get a 30% discount using the Interact Coupon Code while choosing the service.


Here are the top five best online quiz makers to suit web businesses. Read and zero in on the best for your judicious clients who want the best in fun.  


  1. Interact: The best specialized online quiz creator is Interact. It’s inexpensive and includes marketing tools to help you expand your email list and social media following.
  2. Woorise: Woorise is the best lead-generating platform with a built-in quiz creator. It is pretty simple to use and comes with a free plan. Make personality tests, trivia tests, and more. You may also host contests, polls, and other activities.
  3. Outgrow: The best quiz maker for people looking for a system that can handle different sorts of interactive material. You can also make calculators, host contests, and do other things.
  4. Thrive Quiz Builder: It is the best WordPress quiz plugin. Other conversion-focused plugins and themes are included.
  5. Qzzr: It is a robust quiz builder software best for enterprise-level businesses. They offer a high price structure and hands-on support.


1. Interact

Interact is the most significant online quiz creator we’ve tried. It’s also the most popular, with many celebrities using it. It’s an all-in-one quiz creator that provides an excellent quiz-taking experience and all the marketing tools you need to develop your business. You may create leads, promote social sharing, and investigate performance metrics. You may use Interact to produce personality tests, scored quizzes, and multiple choice-based quizzes. Use standard questions, graphics, multi-select, and other techniques.


Important characteristics

  • Three different sorts of quizzes.
  • There are over 800 quiz template options.
  • Interface for drag-and-drop building.
  • Various question forms are available.
  • There is also conditional logic.
  • You may personalize the results page, even for various quiz outcomes.
  • Customize your branding by including styles and logos.
  • With multiple email marketing connectors, you may segment leads.


Pricing: Free version available. Premium plans to kick off from $39/month. Discounts apply.


2. Woorise

Woorise is a low-cost lead-generating tool that is a primary yet effective online quiz creator. Starting your quiz is simple. There are several quiz kinds available. This contains personality quizzes, email marketing quizzes, and geography quizzes.

All you have to do is select the quiz you want and then personalize it with your information.

But that’s not all! Woorise also allows you to design lead capture pages, social media competitions, surveys, polls, and more.


Important characteristics

  • Various sorts of quizzes
  • Interface for drag-and-drop building
  • Make your branding unique.
  • Conditional logic
  • CSV data exports
  • Integrates with a variety of systems


  • Woorise free plan is available, but paid plans start at $29/month.


3. Outgrow

Outgrow’s robust online quiz software is perfect for people who wish to make more than simply quizzes. Quizzes are an enjoyable method to engage site visitors. On the other hand, Outgrow offers more content formats and marketing tools to incorporate into your entire marketing approach.

Important characteristics

  • There are eight content kinds: mortgage, bond, interest, percentage, and discount calculators.
  • Numerous templates are available.
  • The quiz creator has an easy-to-use interface.
  • Several question types are available, including an opinion rating, a numerical slider, and text input.
  • Logic with conditions.
  • Display several marketing messages with varying outcomes.
  • Personalization of branding.
  • Lead generation, segmentation, and integrations are all critical.
  • It has been social media optimized.
  • Analytics.
  • GDPR Compliance


  • Limited free basic plan available.  


4. Thrive Quiz Builder

Thrive Quiz Builder is a robust WordPress quiz builder plugin. It’s a component of Thrive Suite, Thrive Themes’ membership program, so your purchase includes many powerful marketing tools for page development, theme building, email list optimization, and more.


Important characteristics

  • There are four sorts of quizzes, as well as surveys.
  • There are four quiz templates for various purposes, such as list building or social sharing.
  • Build a quiz using drag-and-drop.
  • Take quizzes to get email addresses.
  • There are several question forms accessible, including text-based and image-based questions.
  • There is also conditional logic.
  • Create dynamic content by displaying several page designs for various outcomes.
  • Test different designs for the results page in pairs.
  • Rewards quiz takers with well-designed badges that they can post on social media.
  • Analytics and reports.
  • GDPR Compliance


  • Pricing starts from $97/per year. 


5. Qzzr

An easy-to-use quiz builder, it Intends to immediately link to your marketing plan by assisting you in creating quizzes that drive clients down tailored sales routes.

Unfortunately, its pricing structure and services limit it to enterprise-level companies. Strategic advice, content production, bespoke design, and other services are available.

Qzzr offers a WordPress plugin and embeds code for embedding.


Important characteristics

  • Three different sorts of quizzes.
  • A simple user interface.
  • Questions with text and images
  • Logic with conditions.
  • Make changes to the results page.
  • Capabilities for effective segmentation.
  • Marketing fusions
  • Analytics and reports.
  • GDPR Compliance


  • Plans start at $24.99/month 


Which online quiz creators can you use for your business success?

It’s just a matter of selecting quiz software with the integrations and features you want at a price that fits your budget. Examine each tool’s software before creating trivia, true or false, or a personality quiz. Some features are given exclusively at higher price tags, making them significantly more expensive than alternatives. But with the proper selection of plans, the perspective of your business will dramatically jump high.