Instead Of Buying Organic Subscribers How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube (The Right Way)
Instead Of Buying Organic Subscribers How To Get More Subscribers On YouTube (The Right Way)
If you want to gain lots of subscribers instead of buying organic subscribers then you can read this blog. Because in this article, I have tried to share some valuable tips that may help you out.

You've put a lot of effort into storyboarding, finding actors, videoing, and editing while also spending a lot of time honing your videos' plots. What happened? Unanimously adored by viewers so far, this video is amazing.


You cannot, however, simply link to your video on a website or post it on social media and hope that someone will see it and share it.


However, you must entice and educate potential viewers who are not already familiar with your channel in order for their excellent content to be found.


We'll examine your various investment options in this part rather than buying organic subscribers so you may grow your YouTube audience and subscriber base legally.

  1. Invest in several YouTube ad formats.

Let's say you're debating where to allocate your budget for video ads rather than buying organic subscribers. In that instance, YouTube is a useful tool in your audience attraction and retention journey due to its large breadth and powerful targeting options. You can be sure that investing a bit more effort in mastering the fundamentals today will be worthwhile in the long term.


One approach to make sure that more of your intended demographic finds your YouTube channel is to run various YouTube ad campaigns.


Let's start by discussing the three primary types of YouTube adverts, both in terms of video and non-video content:

Skippable aka “mid-roll” or “pre-roll” in-stream Ads

A video may have these advertisements at the beginning, end, or while. They stand out since viewers can skip ads after the first five seconds of their duration. Your advertisement must be at least 12 seconds in length to be eligible for this category (though the recommended upper limit is under 3 minutes).


Only if a viewer engages with the advertisement or views at least 30 seconds of it will you be charged for it. However, after the first five seconds, most viewers choose to skip the advertisement. As a result, you must design an advertisement that is captivating enough to hold viewers' attention even in the face of the "Skip Ad" button.

Non-Skippable Ads (Including In-Stream Bumper Ads)

Since 76% of consumers claim to avoid advertising right away, some advertisers choose to broadcast ads that cannot be skipped at all.


When is it okay to carry out this action? when you are absolutely certain that your ad can keep the audience's attention for the whole 15 seconds and you want to boost the visibility of your channel. Advertisers must pay CPM, or cost per thousand impressions, in order to be considered for this category (or 1000 viewers).

Non-Video Ads (i.e., Banners and Overlays)

Above the list of suggested videos and next to the YouTube video player are banner advertisements.


YouTube overlay ads are 480 x 70-pixel images that play at the bottom of videos there.

Video Discovery Ads

For a certain content category on YouTube, video discovery adverts are displayed just above the search results. They can be seen next to other videos that have the same or comparable content as your videos.

These advertisements persuade viewers to click on them with a thumbnail and a succinct summary. The original website of the advertiser is ultimately visited by visitors.


2. Use Google Ads to market your video


The YouTube video ad campaigns you create with Google Ads are displayed on websites connected to Google in addition to YouTube.


However, you would first need to create a Google Ads account in order to use the Google Ads service for growing your YouTube subscriber base. Add a link to your YouTube channel after that.



How can your YouTube channel and Google Ads account be connected?


You must first select the "Settings and Billing" page in order to do this. Next, click "Account" and then choose "Linked accounts" from the drop-down option.


Select YouTube now from "Linked Accounts," and you're ready to go! Your Google Ads account is now connected to your YouTube channel.


When you're done connecting the two, your Google Ads account will start running ads based on how people interact with your channel. The associated account may be granted permission for:


  • Obtaining video ad analytics

  • Presenting commercials to viewers that interact with and visit your channel

  • Collecting knowledge about viewers' behavior after seeing your adverts and how they interact with your channel.


According to your budget, demographic preferences, and overarching marketing goals, you can also create customized ad campaigns.


The best format to choose for your campaign would be a video since your adverts will be displayed on YouTube.


3. Use YouTube giveaways to encourage new subscribers.


Almost all prominent YouTube channels have participated in gift competitions at some point. Giveaways are promotions that are fun, engaging, and entertaining and may be quite successful. While many YouTubers are kind and like giving things away to their subscribers, other, more practical ones seek the observable benefits that hosting giveaways brings.


And the benefits are more subscribers and more active users.


You can plan giveaway promotions taking into account your spending limit, geographic location, and the interests of your target market.


4. Try out influencer marketing.


An influencer on YouTube is a trendsetter that social media users look to for insight on the newest trends and goods in their industry or area of interest. The communities formed by YouTube influencers are more like families than fandoms because they interact and listen to their fans.


Influencers now dominate the top 200 beauty videos on YouTube, according to research done by Carat, Nielsen, and YouTube. This makes them the primary driver behind modern "influencer marketing."


You too can get in touch with well-known or emerging figures from your genre to attract an untapped but eager audience.




YouTube is an excellent platform for making substantial profits with a minimal entry barrier. To get the most out of it, you will need to put some money on the line.


To routinely target new subscribers, combine and permute the paid strategies outlined above. This article should point you to the best approach to accomplish that.


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