With The New WT2 Edge Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment, Timekettle Becomes King Of The Roster
With The New WT2 Edge Simultaneous Interpretation Equipment, Timekettle Becomes King Of The Roster
Translating over 40 languages, this headset translator becomes the most indispensable for people with international friends/business relations.

GUANGDONG, SEPTEMBER 17, 2022 - The internet has truly been a huge blessing upon mankind. No matter how many benefits you count, they will still remain an understatement. The huge leap with which technology has grown has truly been marvellous and a huge treat to watch. From huge desktops with small memories to smaller desktops to huge memories, from iPods to iPhone 14 with 48 MP camera, simple headphones to powerful High Definition headphones, we have come a long way. And so has this novelty called Artificial Intelligence that has made our lives way too easier. In tandem with this technology, headsets are all set to release in a brand new way, for a much greater purpose, all thanks to Timekettle.

Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Real-time Translator Earbuds — the most enigmatic piece of technology, a simultaneous interpretation equipment so to speak, from the genius engineers at Timekettle. This is a set of Real-Time, Two-Way Translation Earpieces that will change the way headphones are produced and used in the future across the world. Timekettle has produced the most leading AI translator earbuds with smart noise reduction and bi-directional recognition. This would lead to people speaking in their own languages to each other without having to use a third person as a translator or bother to speak in a common language.

"As we all know, speaking non-native languages can be difficult for most people. Hence we designed this simultaneous interpreting equipment that can translate 40 languages and 93 accents, with more support on the way, with an accuracy of over 95%! A Smart Noise Reduction and 12-hour Battery makes its shelf life very long on a single charge. Additional benefits of simul mode and touch mode  makes this simultaneous interpreting equipment a must have for not just business owners but also anybody who speaks to people from abroad or intends to learn something from a foreign language. Visit our website to find Timekettle WT2 Edge/W3 Real-time Translator Earbuds, the most impeccable simultaneous interpretation equipment for sale!" said the CEO of Timekettle.


Timekettle is a tech firm based in China that manufactures visionary products of AI translators using the latest technologies and innovative designs. It gives users the tools to expand their opportunities that were once out of reach.


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