Why Should You Choose First Data CRM To Help Grow Your Business?
Why Should You Choose First Data CRM To Help Grow Your Business?
Everybody working in the sales industry knows how hard it is to find a reliable partner for your business.

Everybody working in the sales industry knows how hard it is to find a reliable partner for your business. You need somebody who understands your needs and comes up with innovative solutions for them in order to make your life easier. The good people over at First Data CRM are just that type of partner. Although the company is now called Fiserv, the almost half a century of experience and expertise of the people working there can’t be ignored. They developed some of the most exciting solutions for card and online payment and also have some of the best integrations that money can buy. Speaking of integrations, their integrated communications solution is one of the best on the market. With a dialer app that can give any other developer a run for his money, the company is among the best in the business and doesn’t show signs of slowing down anytime soon.

Who Are First Data CRM?

Founded in 1971 in in Omaha, Nebraska, the First Data started out by providing processing services for the Mid-American Bankcard Association. Five years later the company became the first processors of Visa and MasterCard credit cards. By 1989 it became First Data Corporation thanks to American Express Information Services buying 80% of the company, with the remaining 20% being sold in chunks of 5% throughout 1983.

The company is the leading payment industry merchant processors in the country, with 6 million merchants. It handles around 2,800 transactions per second with a total of $2.2 trillion worth of card transactions annually. Some of the reports the company issues every year have become key components for estimates by news networks including Bloomberg and The New York Times. 

The company underwent a period of expansion between 2001 and 2006 in which it bought a series of national and international companies in order to diversify its portfolio. It went public on the New York Stock Exchange but then got taken off in September 2007, becoming a privately owned company through the Kohlberg Kravis Roberts (KKR) buy-out that happened earlier the same year. After numerous transformations the company had to lay off 1,700 of its workers, representing a total of 6%of its workforce.

In more recent years,  First Data CRM  partnered with Bank of America in 2009 and formed Bank of America Merchant Services. The company, together with KKR, announced in 2013 that they acquired the POS startup Clover and Gyft in 2014. As of January 16, 2019 Fiserv announced a deal to merge with First Data through a $22 billion deal. Fiserv bought First Data on Monday July 29, 2019. First Data CRM, along with all of its partners, is one of the leading global providers of customer relationship management solutions on the market. Their expertise of over 40 years makes them one of the best providers of services for both merchants and ISOs.

How to Choose the Right Dialer App?

Dialer apps are used in call-centers and company sales departments everywhere in the world. The app is the perfect solution for business owners looking to get in touch with as many leads as possible. But choosing the correct  dialer app  can prove tricky sometimes. You have a lot of options to choose from, from the standard integrated solutions from Google to the very specific ad totally customizable offered by various CRM developers. This can make making a decision quite hard. But it doesn’t necessarily have to be this way. You can make a list of what you want your app to do and then start looking for the one that checks all or at least most of the boxes. This however requires some research an patience in order to make the right decision.

Deciding on what you want your dialer app to do can prove as hard as picking the app itself. For inspiration you can check out some of the CRM solution websites that are out there and that outline hat their integrated tools can do. For starters, search Google for a top of the best CRM dialers on the market and then start comparing them and noticing and taking down what features interest you. After that start looking for the very specific features of every app. Who knows, maybe you’ll realize you need some of them too. After making the list review your app options and try to narrow down the list.

Another thing you should always take into consideration is other peoples’ opinions. If you’re going to use the dialer along with other people from a team, try and ask them what they think about your list and options. They have to work with the app too so let them speak their mind. Maybe some of them will come up with something new you didn’t think about before. In any case, more opinions can’t hurt. This way you’ll also get to understand how your team mates think and work and what they want out of the app.

Blogs and forums are always a good place to do your research. You can bet that there have been other people just like you looking for answers on them, and they might just have gotten them. You can also browse them in order to get a better understanding of hat in means to work with such an app.

Lastly, choose the dialer app that best suits your needs after really understanding what those needs are. The worst-case scenario is you will have to change the app after some time because it doesn’t meet your requirements or because your targets have shifted one way or the other. Although that might mean losing some time and money, you will have this experience to help you in choosing the next app. Don’t forget that developers are working even as you are thinking about using a dialer towards making better and better apps. Maybe the app you are looking for might not even be out yet. That doesn’t mean you have to stop searching for it.