Why Axie Infinity is so popular ?
Why Axie Infinity is so popular ?
Axie Infinity is the popular NFT Game


Inspired by Pokémon, the Axie Infinity game is experiencing a surge in players seeking to participate in its play-to-earn model. Its growing popularity is part of the reason Sky Mavis, the game's creator, has seen a jump in revenue. The Vietnam-based game studio has logged $485 million in revenue since July, dwarfing the $21 million it had made since launching in 2018, according to a report this week by Bloomberg. Daily active users reached more than 1 million in August. 

Players can earn two types of tokens - Smooth Love Potions and Axie Infinity Shards - through breeding, raising and battling virtual creatures called Axies. The SLP and AXS tokens can be used in the game or can be sold on a crypto exchange. Axies are non-fungible tokens, or NFTs, that can be sold or purchased. 

A jump in the price of AXS has opened the door for people in struggling economies to earn some money. Demand from the Philippines climbed enough for crypto exchange Binance to offer an SLP-peso trade, the report said, and there's also the lure of cryptocurrencies in places where local currencies are weak. 

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