What is Http Internal Server Error 500?
When the user tries to access a website, he might come across Error code 500. Website owners have to tackle this problem immediately. Every Time a user wants to access the content of a particular page, he uses his server to send requests to the end server.

Here, the end server is the website’s server. HTTP Error 500 portrays that requests to visit the website has been declined. There is not really much a visitor can do in dealing with situations like this but website administrations have to be very particular in dealing with it. As there will be a huge loss in credibility if the website is continuing to make their visitors experience Http Internal Server Error 500.

Here’s how to fix Http Internal Server Error 500?

Visitor’s won’t be able to view contents of the website with Error 500. Therefore it is important to troubleshoot the Error as soon as possible.

  1. Corrupt .htaccess file can be the result of  theme update,  plugin update etc. To tackle the problem you can  replace the file with another. Migration of servers can also make this Error. At the end, you need to ensure the correct name of the file.
  2. If a website is taking enough time to respond then it is probably because of exceeding PHP Memory Limit. You need to increase the memory by making some changes to the wp-config file or php.ini file. Add  code memory_limit = 32M ;  to increase the memory.
    Another purpose for this occurring  is when a user wanted to access the website and it took enough time to attract Maximum Execution Time. You can deal with this by using  code php_value max_execution_time 300  in the .htaccess document.
  3. Newly downloaded plugins and themes can be faulty and cause Server error 500. Surely, you can troubleshoot the Error 500 by deactivating the faulty plugin. Deactivate them all at once and one by one start activating. You will know where the problem happens and you can simply delete that plugin.
    On the off chance if this is because of a new update then make your developer know about it. Revert back to the old version.
  4. Corrupted Core Files will always hinder the processing of the website. FTP server can fix the error , you simply have to install files there. Wordpress.com  will help in transferring the files. 
  5. Check File Permissions as  file permissions and directory shouldn rightly listed and configured. You can follow following settings
    755 (folders and sub-folders)
    644 (all files)
    Issues with permission can really cause  bad communication errors like 500.
  6. There are certain Unsupported PHP Versions for Wordpress. Versions that are currently supported by Wordpress are 7.0, 7.1, 7.2, 7.3, and 7.4. PHP 8 is the newest one.
  7. DNS entries make the server’s communication work. Fault in the entries can block the communication and cause Error 500.
The website’s server is at fault and it can only be dealt with technical support.

Tips to Avoid ERROR 500:

  1. Timely update the plugins and themes. 

  2. Frequently update your backups for Wordpress websites.

  3. Switch on ‘Debugging’ by adding Y code “define( “WP_DEBUG”, true );”.

  4. Low PHP memory limit will block communication between servers every time traffic is high. Hence it is recommended to expand the memory limit.

  5. Server should be working credibly to make website visitors rely on it.

  6. Make sure you are using good plugins and themes.

Steps to fix the Error 500:

  1. Reload the website.

  2. Use  Ctrl + F5 to clear bad browser cache.

  3. Access to  wp-admin backend  to make wordpress establishment.

  4. Deactivate all plugins to detect the problem.

  5. Change the theme to default.

  6. Recheck  .htaccess file, file authorization.

  7. Contact the hosting website if nothing seems to work.