What is Data Visualization? Some important projects in Data Visualization.
What is Data Visualization? Some important projects in Data Visualization.
These visualizations look good and provide a creative way to display your data.

When discussing data visualization, the first thing to understand is its art. It takes a lot of patience, effort, and time to master this art. However, you can become an experienced data visualization expert by working on a data visualization project. Today's article will witness some of the world's most impressive data visualization projects. Inspired by the ideas of these projects, you can effectively practice your skills. Enjoy the example shared here. These visualizations look good and provide a creative way to display your data. So, let's get started without any further ado with a brief introduction to data visualization


Data Visualization: An Introduction

The use of standard graphics to represent data, such as charts, plots, infographics, and even animations, is known as data visualization. These information visualizations convey complex data relationships and data-driven insights in a simple manner.


Data visualization can be used for a variety of purposes and is not limited to data teams. For example, data analysts and data scientists use it to discover and explain patterns and trends, and management uses it to communicate organizational structure and hierarchy.


The Best Data Visualization Projects to Experience and Practice

Visualization 1: Cricket Stadiums


Source: BBC

This is a known fact that cricket is not just a word but an emotion and a passion. To develop this visualization project, Google Maps and a few cricket enthusiasts were used to showcase various cricket stadiums in England. The visualizations are BBC Sports Edition and Google products. According to us, the level of detail and the visualization simplicity are the best elements of this project. It's based on a simple premise but shares much further information with the viewer. You can create a similar data visualization for other landscape locations to reflect the differences between these views. Visualizing such data can help you try out video content and find ways to incorporate it into your skills. First, you can create a similar visualization of the Indian subcontinent or the British cricket stadium.

Visualization 2: The Atlas of Moons


Source: National Geographic

National Geographic has always been at the forefront of photography. Apart from photography, NG is recognized as an innovator in the DV field. This project of visualization displays the different moons of our solar system, starting with our moon. The visualization is scrollable, making it more immersive and fun. You can navigate each month and its history to get more information about it. When thinking about a flawless combination of data with art, this visualization justifies it. Additionally, it's possible to mimic this project to create your scrollable visualization. You can select a similar theme: Our solar system planets. This project will help you experiment with your own way of displaying data and understand how comparisons between multiple objects are shown.

Visualization 3: Where the Wild Things Glow


Source: Tableau Public

Nature is beautiful in itself, but in the visualization project, Jonni Walker demonstrates its beauty in the form of data visualizations. The visualization shows the location and extent of bioluminescence that exists off the coast of Australia. All relevant data and legends are on the map, making them easier to read and understand. Jonni was created in Tableau. You can create similar visualizations of bioluminescence on other coasts around the world. Alternatively, you can use a tool to duplicate this visualization to see how it works. If you are interested in nature research and want to use your data visualization skills in this area, this project will help. In addition, this project will help you understand how to use data visualization to study nature and related topics. You should try to the best of your abilities to imitate this project and compare how you fare.

Visualization 4: Leaps in Space


Source: Behance

There is a deep relationship between space and data visualization. Perhaps it is the level of detail and breadth of these two things that people often combine. This data visualization project is called Leaps in Space and is a product of Bureau Oberhauser. The visualization shows a lot of things people have planned in 2021 alone. You can create a similar visualization to show what people did in another year. Alternatively, you can take this approach and showcase India's achievements in space. This project tests your creative skills and provides the experience of creating unique calendar visualizations. As a side note, you can use this visualization as wallpaper or poster.

Visualization 5: Symbolikon


Source: Symbolikon

Are you a culture lover? If yes, this is a great project inspiration. Symbolikon is a collection of different ancient symbols of other cultures. All of these symbols are artistic and belong to different historical eras. If you have designer friends who want to use these icons, they can buy access to them on their website. You can create a collection of visualizations with various other cultural artwork. The creators of this project used symbols in this project. This is a great visualization project to show your knowledge of design and research. Currently, the Symbolikon collection has over 800 icons. You can start with 50 or hundreds.

Final Words

To sum up, what we have seen in this article, we understood about data visualization projects which serve as a great place to appreciate its essence and understand through imitating these projects and creating your own.


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